What happens when two awards shows merge ? Nothing.

A roundup of the most important news of the week in the advertising awards world.


Most advertising awards release every year a book showcasing the best work entered in the competition. They seem to put an extra-care in designing a beautiful cover and getting a foreword from an authority of the industry. And that’s it. On the receiving end also, readers (namely, the agencies that have submitted work to the awards scheme) are happy to see their names in the credits under a winning work, but don’t do much with the book, which goes to collect dust on bookshelves next to previous editions.

That’s the reason, why the D&Ad for this year’s book has decided to make it more useful to the people of the industry, especially those who are about to start.

The D&Ad has announced that the 2016 book, formerly known as “The Annual”, has become “The Manual”. The change is to make an educational tool out of it, in respect to the Win One, Teach One mantra.

The Manual includes interactive exercices and extra space in the margins allowing for readers’ notes. According to the organization, the aim of the Manual is to teach up-and-coming talent what it takes to make amazing creative work.


The Loeries has released their official rankings following the announcements of the winners of this year’s awards competition.

No surprise here, as three South African agencies top the rankings of the most prestigious creative industry and brand communication awards for Africa & the Middle East.

The first agency outside of South Africa is TBWA\RAAD (UAE).

Dubai Lynx

The Dubai Lynx will be held next year from the 5th to the 8th of March in the UAE capital.

The organization has released a call for content from people who have a valuable contribution to make to the region’s most vibrant focus on creative communication.

There would be a particular focus in the 2017 edition of the Dubai Lynx on Iran, as the country is MENA’s second largest economy, but still lacks behind others in creativity.


In the preparation of its 2016 festival starting in less than two months, the Eurobest have announced the name of the brand that has be named Advertiser of the Year: Heineken.

After being awarded a similar trophy at the Epica Awards in 2014 and at the Cannes Lions in 2015, the Dutch company will come on stage to let the industry see what goes behind the curtains of an advertiser who believes in creativity.

Recently, Heineken has been praised for its HR operation “Go Places”, that invites candidates to conduct an interview online through a video quiz, showing that the brewer doesn’t limit creativity only to its advertising campaigns.

And also

  • The Shorty Awards has opened its 2017 competition for brands
  • Eurobest has set its deadline for entries on October 14th
  • The Mobile Web Awards has set its deadline for entries on October 14th
  • The Epica Awards has set its deadline for entries on October 14th
  • The Mobius Awards has set its deadline for entries on October 15h
  • The Midas Awards has set its deadline for entries on October 15th

Story of the week: A different kind of merger

The One Club and the Art Directors Club have announced that they will be merging.

But does it mean that their two main awards competitions (The One Show and the ADC Awards) will become one ? NO.

The two organizations used to be together back in the days and this merger only sets the situation back to normal. Well, only if it means that the two money-making schemes will keep being separated.

So why merge then ?

Tweet of the week

Data is just a pile of bricks until someone builds a house

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