So you want to grow your business, but you haven’t gotten around to creating a great landing page for it yet. “Later,” you tell yourself. “I’m too busy building the business to create a silly landing page.”

That’s ok, I was just like you. For 10 years I would put my head down and focus on building the product whenever I had something I thought was a great idea.

Then one night five years ago, around 10pm, I had another crazy idea. But that night I was too tired to start coding. So instead I threw up just a simple landing page without a product. All it said was three words: “Heroku for PHP” with an email form.

I stuck the page on Hacker News and fell asleep. You can still find the original post with all the comments.

The next morning I woke up and had 800 people signed up for a product I hadn’t even built yet.

That’s when I started spending a lot more of my time learning how to create simple and highly converting landing pages. Here are some great resources to get you started.






  • LeadPages – Unlimited fully hosted landing pages that are proven to convert well for sales pages, opt-in forms, email collection or anything you can imagine
  • OptimizePress – A really elegant landing page plugin/theme for WordPress. Doesn’t have AB testing like LeadPages
  • Unbounce – Another hosted landing page service, the price is tiered by unique visitors per month
  • LaunchRock – a free hosted landing page service

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Inside the Mind of Lucas Carlson

A collection of things that inspire me, teach me, and make me a better person

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    Inside the Mind of Lucas Carlson

    A collection of things that inspire me, teach me, and make me a better person

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