“I Only Date Rich Guys Over 6'4”

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Nov 17, 2017 · 3 min read

First of all, if you say something like this IRL or on your dating profile, no decent guy will date you. I’m tall and it really offends me when a woman says she won’t date short men, as if they are somehow not good enough for her. Also, I make a decent income, but I’m not about to spend a penny of it on a woman who thinks she’s too good for a hard-working, minimum-wage-earning man.

Short Guys.

Almost every woman I’ve dated or been close friends with has told me that she hates smaller men. Women are never ashamed to admit that. It’s a bit confusing to me, because I will see a guy under 5'5 who is very good-looking, but apparently his height would cancel out his physical attractiveness. And then I’ll see really unappealing men who, because they are tall, have beautiful women after them. Most of the women I’ve dated have been shorter than me and I don’t really mind that, so it’s strange to me that this would be such a huge dealbreaker for girls:

A guy can be handsome, well-dressed, successful, and a good man, but still be turned down left and right due to his stature.

I’ve been told it’s a safety thing, a woman wants a guy who can protect her. Well let me ask you this: have you thought about taking martial arts classes, and learning to protect yourself? No matter how much your partner loves you, he can’t be there for you at all times, and you may have to handle a confrontation yourself. Whether your man is short or tall, you have a responsibility to defend yourself, and you can’t put that on another person. You can’t just neglect your own self-defense and expect another person to make it up for you.

Broke Guys.

When I was a poor musician, I was turned down countless times by almost every woman I dated. Even women who were as broke as me and living with their parents would turn me down. I was told time and time again that I’m not “ambitious enough.” I had plenty of ambition. What they were really saying is I was short on cash.

I’ve been told it’s a security thing: a woman wants a man who can provide for her. Well, think about this: if you provide for yourself, and find a career that earns you all the money you could ever need, you aren’t relying on a man to care for you. It’s a much safer way to go through life, because you don’t have to worry about losing financial stability if your man leaves. Also, if you want to live a wealthy life, then it is your responsibility to find out how and work to get it. You can’t just neglect your personal finances and expect someone else to pick up the slack for you. What if that person never comes? You will have lived your whole life waiting in poverty for your prince charming to come, instead of investing that time in learning new skills to earn more income.

Just because everybody thinks the same way (disliking short and/or broke men) doesn’t mean that you have to. There are advantages to going against the grain.

Good luck, and happy hunting.

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