Sweet gestures under $10 because millennials suck at romance

I think people stopped doing gestures after like 1950. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for casual hangouts, but we need more randoms acts of courting (and romantic dinners are played out/expensive). I’m making this article universal as opposed to NYC-specific — that’s an endless rabbit hole. If you can’t find things to do in NYC with your girl, you don’t deserve a girl tbh. I targeted this at straight men, but people of all genders should probably do sweet things for their partners. Here are some simple ideas to do things that mean a lot no matter where you are*:

  1. Build a fort in her apartment using pillows and bedding. Provide Korean sheet masks.
  2. Instead of making a Spotify playlist, make a CD. Nostalgia is adorable.
  3. If you can cook, write your own recipe book. It only needs to include like 2 dishes. I’m sure there are 100 tacky love puns you could include.
  4. Go to the public library and get books you think she’d be into. Don’t leave the burden of returning them on her.
  5. RUN A BATH. Extra points for those bath bombs that turn the water pink.
  6. Make her virtual avatar using Morph.ID.
  7. Curate a Tumblr or Pinterest for her. For more active art endeavors, See Saw is a great app for finding new gallery openings in your area.
  8. Create a full trip itinerary — down to the minute. You don’t have to take the trip, but it’s a thoughtful gesture. And, if you ever want to take a trip together, it’ll be ready for use. Some great tools are Google Flights, Localeur, Airbnb Experiences, See Saw (again), and GOOP (the app is better than the site when you’re on location).
  9. If appropriate and feasible, surprise her with lunch/candy at work. If you can’t make it because you also have a job, ask her coworker. If you don’t know her coworkers, SHE’S CATFISHING U.
  10. Learn to ballroom dance online (free!).
  11. Create art together — this could be something digital, a canvas, a mashup, furniture, whatever. Building things together is so cool!!! Check Pinterest for project ideas.
  12. If she’s unhappy with her job, find job opportunities for her (don’t be a jerk about how your present this though). See the article at the bottom for tips on hiring apps. And, keep in mind:
by Sheryl Sandberg

*I’m not including alcohol or flowers, but both would be A+ additions to any gesture.

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