Domain of one’s own as personal and professional identity

A preliminary outline of personal site for students.

My vision of a student site:

My over-all vision would be a site that is both identification and property; it represents the person professionally and is a place to collect and organize data for that person

Some features that were traditionally on a CV: data about jobs, skills, education, goals, etc.

Some features that are collected and tended by the owner for synthesis and self-reflection: on a wiki or some other kind of writing space; place to collect links and other material from the web (like what Evernote allows)

Repository for documents and evidentiary material from coursework

Place for centralizing professional communication

Part of the site would be devoted to current courses: retaining written work, exercises, reports, etc. that may be maintained after that class; otherwise could be wiped and updated by semester

A wiki space to interact with other students in a course, and then ultimately to organize and reflect on their own

Design and inclusions dependent upon student’s goals: students in different majors might design with different emphases

Why do this: I think this is the future of how people identify themselves professionally, and build their network of skills, experiences, and connections

We can model this

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