Attention GFU Advocates!

If you hold residency in the following states, your lobbying might be especially helpful!

The popular news outlet, Vox, released a short-list of 10 Senators who are on the fence about the American Health Care Act. If you are one of their constituents, your opinion could make a huge difference in how they approach this bill. The short-list is copied here, followed by the original article.

  1. Maine — Senator Susan Collins
  2. Ohio — Senator Rob Portman
  3. Alaska — Senator Lisa Murkowski
  4. West Virginia — Senator Shelley Moore Capito
  5. Colorado — Senator Cory Gardner
  6. Louisiana — Senator Bill Cassidy
  7. Nevada — Senator Dean Heller
  8. Arkansas — Senator Tom Cotton
  9. Kentucky — Senator Rand Paul
  10. Utah — Senator Mike Lee

The battle in the Senate is predicted to be even closer than it was in the House. One or two votes could make the difference. If you are a resident in any of the above states, you hold a special position of influence over the Senate’s decision.

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