A Life Worth Fighting For

A life worth fighting for is a life that has plenty of meaning, passion, love, fun, memories and so many great life lessons that can impact us and overall change us into who we are today and who we will be 2 months from now. To me, passion and meaning therefore purpose is truly and crucially important to me.

To those who say things taking away my self worth or anyone, should stop. It’s not doing anyone any good in life, responding yet living that way. In this case, these people should start working on finding a new yet healthier mindset and lifestyle. Because the ones they have aren’t working out the way a proper and healthy lifestyle and mindset should be.

“Do not follow the ideas of others but learn to listen to the voice within yourself.” ~ OCC

When it comes to standing up for what we believe in, expect not everyone to be on your side. But do expect some to be on your side. You’d be surprised by how many people can not only relate to your beliefs and experiences but also stand up for them too!

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