I’ve been thinking about preparing a few important topics to talk about in my first therapy session tomorrow @ 4pm. I need some help. Any particular topics you think I should put on that list, from what you know about the past 2+ years. Even with my emotional state in the past few weeks.

Apologies to your body. Maybe thats where the healing begins. ~ Starting

Hey Happiers! I need your help again! I need your help to help me with how I should tell my parents I quit my job at Naturalizer. I haven’t told them yet and my mom asked me when I work next, and I said I’ll call tomorrow which is normally the day each week the schedule for the week is made.

Anyway, how can I tell them in a way that has logic, real reasoning and anything else that helps support my point and choice of quitting being a good thing for me especially right now with me struggling with my emotions and my current stage in my mental health recovery and treatment!

What’s your thoughts, insights, advice, tips on this? And what you think I should say when I plan to tell them. And also telling them at some point hoping it doesn’t lead to another painful argument and fight with my parents; about my upcoming therapy session tomorrow @ 4pm.

I’m finding it hard to spread the news to my family that I need therapy and have made an appointment tomorrow. I know they will get mad for me not telling them when I first scheduled it. I just fear or have a feeling they won’t understand what reasons or things that made me believe I need help from a therapist. Any tips, advice, thoughts, insights?

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