Life Can Be Unfair, But Not Everything:

Choose to change the things that have every right to change:

Yeah when it comes to what you learn and even imagine what it’d be like living in a society with factions choosing who we are as human beings, it’s completely unfair and wrong to make everyone choose who they are or they end up as factionless like they don’t matter.

Like they aren’t valued or appreciated for their existence and want they have to offer to the world through their passion, hobbies, purpose and the choices we make.

If my parents would take me back, I wouldn’t belong there anymore. ~ Tris Prior

Be The Change

Dauntless never gives up!

Life is tough and unfair. But in life, we must be stronger, tougher, braver, more courageous, and inspire healthier change! Because the world needs and truly deserves to change and never stop and to be rewarded in only positive and great rewards! But for me, life was never easy for me and it will never be for anyone else. But I’ve learned from it the hard way.

If you don’t choose to let life challenge you to change you, you won’t change nor will you improve yourself! It if you don’t try. And you gotta know what that takes! It takes risk, being uncomfortable, openness to a challenge in life in order to change you for the better. To me I’ve set the example more than plenty of times in my lifetime so far in 20 years!

And to me, that has changed me for the better regardless of how scared, uncomfortable, worried, stressed, panicked I was of how I’d turn out to become as a human being good or bad, I did it anyway! Because I asked myself how badly I wanted it and how much I truly deserved to treat myself by doing all the things I’d want to do, to do the things I enjoy, the things that make me happy!

The decisions and choices I’ve made in the past 5 years have been for myself! Before, I was just making choices and decisions based on what my parents wanted me to do. I never once did anything for myself! No wonder why I was never truly and honestly happy. No wonder why I was never satisfied!

It was my parents to blame but blaming others does no one any good and so I chose to do what my parents believed was best for me. When truly and honestly, it wasn’t and I should’ve followed my gut, my heart.

Anyway, in the few years that I’ve been working on myself regardless of all my circumstances, I went with my gut, my heart and I knew myself! I did all I could and that I needed to do in order to better myself on my own terms, my way! Screw what society wants me to be and how to live my life; I’m gonna be whoever that person I wanna be, live my life however I want to ask I’m gonna do it in my own terms.

Inspire myself and continue to better myself! Yeah I’ve been through a lot in the past few years of my life, and yeah a lot of the things I went through one thing being the effects of the stigma in our society; was unfair and deserved so much better. I deserve better, so much better than what I’ve gotten so far!

But I do know and believe that I will fight for what I want and what I truly deserve! Because that’s what I want! After all those years in my past life where it has been a waste being someone I’m not, someone that I feel utter and complete shame, and not one bit comfortable being nor able to feel satisfied or content with myself and my life.

Therefore, I’m gonna live the life I want being the person that I want to be regardless of what anyone in society has to say against that! That’s my choice, it’s my life, my body and my responsibility and my choice to decide the kind of life I decide to live being the person I want to live that life!

I’m absolutely done with being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I went through a lot of things in which not only myself deserve to be treated better! And yeah, regardless of that, it made me stronger. So I’m grateful for what I went through in the par few years regardless of how much pain I was in and how much I hated it and was suffering!

I deserve better, we all deserve better! But it’s our one and only choice to make that change in the cycle of reality, the cycle of society! Yeah there are rules, screw it, break them! If you don’t live with risks in your life, nothing or very little changes! Reality and society, I don’t want it to become anything like in Divergent.

I don’t want every single person and citizen of society to choose a faction from the results of a stupid test that decides who we are. No test nor anybody should force anyone to be any person they don’t feel comfortable nor want to be. You wanna be anyone you want, then be that person, no one should stop you from being anyone you truly want to be nor achieving anything you set your mind to.

You can be and do anything you want, screw society. Most of society are citizens who are confused admirers: haters! Yeah life’s a bitch and it isn’t always fair, but it doesn’t always have to be. The best way to predict the future is to create it! So create the life, the future you want to create!

So a few last things I’m gonna say here are: life is hard and unfair a lot of the times, but I chose to get tougher, stronger and wiser so I can continue bettering myself to earn the rewards that I have truly worked for! Yeah, I’ve been through a lot, and I intend to set a special example of what I want to inspire my fans of any and all my blogs and my personal work I intend to turn into a career like my passion!

But I also haven’t been treated with any special treatment like anyone would get on their birthday, on my birthday I didn’t get that kind of treatment with all my circumstances and everything else! And in which I truly believe that I deserve some special kind of special treatment anytime now. I also believe that for long enough I have always seemed to make decisions in my life for my parents and I never really did all that much for myself!

For my myself deserving of so much more that what I got in the past 20 years! This is my time, my year, my chance and my turn to live the life I want without feeling bad or guilty for not following the path my parents want me to take.

If you don’t fit into a category, they can’t control you. ~ Tori

Ever felt like you just weren’t fitting in to s category or into new changes like high school or college/university? Making new friends, social groups, classmates, etc? Well I’m sure all of us have have enough experience with this kind of scenario.

As Dauntless, we fight to protect every life inside the fence without fail. That’s why we train you the way we do. Teach you to not give up. And to find out what it takes. ~ Four

It takes everything! Everything you’ve got! How badly do u want something? Use that as your motivation. Imagine how you’d feel, and what your life may be like if you continue to hold on to what you truly want!

Its been quiet for a few years, that could change at any moment. So we have to be ready for everything.

Anything can happen, you’d be surprised what happens when you open yourself to the endless possibilities and opportunities when you let life happen!

Orders are not optional.

Ashes as it may be when someone breaks your To your breaking point, you must know that you gotta do more than just stick it through; you gotta fight for it and give it everything you’ve got. Prove them wrong!

You think once it’s declared that you don’t have any more chances to show others what you’re made of, to prove them wrong, the answers in the statement.

Faction before blood.

Whether you have family by blood or friends by choice, faction and any other option or label doesn’t matter! What you have and who you spend your time with matters more than where you are!

Human nature is the enemy.

Human nature is a good thing for many things. It’s human nature to fixate and dwell on the past and negative facts but it’s completely something else to make it a bad habit.

Fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up.

Fear may be scary to face but whether we like it or not, ask yourself how badly you want that reward. It will also make you stronger, wiser and feel much more confident!

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