Mental Health Success

She can’t dwell on the past. She needs to move on. ~ Love By Chance

Being mental healthy means practicing emotional intelligence, learning, educating ourself on that as well as self care, more education, therapy, CBT, DBT, group therapy/support groups, supportive friends in our support system to everything in between.

In which includes little breaks in between work periods and rewarding yourself with a treat whether it’s a yummy treat or treating yourself to a night to lounge in comfy clothes, cuddles with your cat or dog, and Netflix on your comfy couch!

You deserve to take care of yourself. You wanna be taken care of? Show the world how to care for you as normal human being. Taking care of yourself is not selfish in the perspective or definition in which society believes it is. It’s actually one way of defining as an act of self love and self care!

You want to be comfortable in your own skin, to love yourself? Then starting working on yourself. You want to be at peace with yourself for all that you are, flaws and all?

If you are unsure of where or how to start on your road to self love, do some research online, visit the library or speak with mental health professionals or an advocate. Learn that way as well as others who are on the same path as you.

Learn from each other! You want to be an example for others? Work hard and dedicate enough of your life and time to loving yourself and the rest will work on its natural path as you progress.

Is it really that bad? Like seriously! Yeah maybe in the past two days I’ve shared 7 articles from The Mighty on my Facebook but so what. Yeah I should probably post or share articles and stuff around other topics like social events, charity stuff and news stories. But mental health is important to me and I’m gonna take a break from sharing mental health articles for a while but I’m not gonna stop, just limit how often I do post/share them.

Mental health stigma sucks so bad and society needs to get to work. Society wonders why and how the suicide rate is as high as it is in countries around the world yet they do absolutely nothing on their part to lower it. They don’t think that their chosen language when speaking about mental health, suicide and other things that trigger suicide into people’s minds.

If they just realize that how they speak to and about others affects that number of suicide in our world. If you want that number to reduce, find out how you can do your part to reduce it. Same goes for wanting world peace. You want world peace?

I believe it must start with yourself. In the inside where it matters and counts! In order to be kind to others, you must be kind to yourself first. So work on loving yourself unconditionally first to progress in reaching towards inner peace for yourself and then you can go from there. Like Michael Jackson inspired with his lyrics in “Man in the Mirror”! If you want to make a difference in the world, take a look at yourself and make a change.

If you want a relationship to become stronger or to see better and healthier change for someone, two people must do their parts. It can’t be a one way street. Both must To their parts. Don’t think that it’s all on that one person to better themselves. In order to see that change as it progresses, the other must be fully open, mindfully aware 100% (meaning without any judgments) to the change regardless of what the other person believes is wrong or unnecessary or needed.

You want to be part of it from inspiring change, inspire it. But don’t demand it. If someone wants to change or better themselves you can only inspire and try in that part, but that’s it. You can’t demand any kind of change onto someone.

If they want to change or better themselves, they will with their own choices, beliefs, values and priorities! If they don’t want to do it your way or through your eyes or inspiration, don’t take it personally nor demand it like it’s your job or your responsibility to make sure they change in the way you want them to.

That’s not your job nor your responsibility! Your responsibility is your own life, except for those who are parenting young ones. Other than that, at a certain age, parents should respect, accept, understand and support fully what they kids want to be and what they wanna pursue with their life regardless of what the parents believe.

That’s not for them to control. They are at the age where they are in charge and responsible for their own lives now. I’m at that age for quite some time now. But my parents haven’t learned, accepted nor tried that method or way of viewing and responding in these moments!

We all have those thoughts in our minds that are hard to silence. And it’s not easy when they are racing through our mind and it’s gets so out of control. It’s hard to control them and well silence the mind as a way of retraining the brain to basically live healthier mentally too!

Self importance and value is importance as well as prioritizing not just those items on our priorities list but also those people who deserve to be prioritized higher on our list!

It’s not only that but also prioritizing our own health and needs including self care and mental health as a priority. It’s important that we are able to see our own value and worth. How should we expect someone else to see our worth and value if we dont ourselves?

One’s health matters and is so crucially important. And what is part with one’s health is their emotional, mental and physical health.

If one’s mental health is suffering, then the physical and emotional health will suffer along with it. Have this thought in your head to ask yourself:

Does … harm my mental health or put it at risk? If so, it’s not worth the risk. My mental health is too important. It’s not the end of the world and we will get what we want, need and truly deserve when they arrive. We just have to be patient and try to silence our mind when we need to. And it won’t be easy to do either.

Aromatherapy is one of the great solutions and methods that can help with one’s mental health. Eucalyptus spearmint helps to clear the mind as well as sandalwood rose.

Orange ginger helps give you energy with such a nice scent. Lavender vanilla, black chamomile, lavender chamomile, blackcurrant vanilla and eucalyptus tea. As well as other essential oils that benefit for one’s mental health!

There are many ways to feel comfortable in your own skin to help you gain some confidence, contentment, acceptance and beauty. But it involves only ourselves to make that step towards healthier change and a healthier and more positive life!

If we want to start working up to feeling comfortable in your own skin. Follow these tips and if you or any friends you know who have any other tips/methods they have in which they’ve used, please comment here and I’ll add them in here.

When we put on an outfit we like, we feel good. When we put on an outfit we love, we feel empowered.
“When a child has been through something horrible in their past, it’s important that they heal from that.”

What outfit from your wardrobe that you love making you feel empowered?

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It’s time to shake it up a bit, or a lot. Time to let loose, but not too loose. And just be yourself, try not to think too much about what other people think. How can we not think about it when we try to tell ourselves not to think about it?

Well it’s called silencing the mind. And it’s not easy. Many people will tell you life is never easy and we have to let life change us if we let it because that’s how we learn.

“I face my demons, yeah, I paid my dues. I had to grow up, I wish you could too. I wanted to save you, but I can only save myself. Oh, I can only be the change you want to see. Yeah, to see.

It takes two, two sides to every story. Not just you. I can’t keep ignoring. I admit half of it, I’m not that innocent, oh yeah. It takes two, two sides to every story. Not just me. You can’t keep ignoring. But let me be first. baby to say I’m sorry (I’m sorry).

I point my finger but it does me no good. I look in the mirror and it tells me the truth, yeah. Why all these lessons always learned the hard way. Is it too late to change?” ~ Katy Perry, It Takes Two

All those times where we beat ourself up for being imperfect. The part about being imperfect is part of being human. We all makes mistakes and that’s just part of being human.

Life isn’t easy and e will continue to make mistakes. And yeah we are told to not make the same mistake many times over and over. But even if we do, we will learn something new from each failed attempt. Regardless of that belief and rule of not making one mistake twice or more, it’s also more important to take care of yourself by trying not to best yourself up all the time.

Are you lacking energy while recovering from mental illness like depression? It may not be easy if you had lost your appetite from one of your previous depression episodes or relapse. But the thing is there’s no easy or simple way to increase or gain your appetite back.

And so when it comes to that and energy being affected by your eating habits with lacking appetite, it’s not gonna be easy. I know this because I lost my appetite from my previous depression relapse which started June 10 2016, diagnosed with severe depression October 4th 2016, started a 6 week trial on Lexapro and then a vitamin D supplement as of December 2nd.

Before I started on the first antidepressant trial, I pretty much lost enough of my appetite and then within 4 days of taking the antidepressant, I lost the remainder.

After that, I decided it was best for me to take a break from working at the warehouse in which I was working at on and off (unstable work periods) as per the lack of apparent in which also affecting my energy levels greatly. I believe it was the best and right decision to make at the time because it wasn’t good or healthy for my mental health nor especially with its state at the time.

Some of us or many of us find ourselves choosing to not care about certain things or times where we see or find ourselves or others letting themselves go.

Just not caring for themselves to living their lives as they should. Maybe what brought them to this choice was finding life moments or situations harder to bear, cope or change. They found it too hard so they just gave up, who knows with this kind of choice, could possibly lead to thoughts of suicide.

This thought or belief may not be fully research or tested yet but how will we know if we don’t test it out.

Being comfortable in your own skin is one part of one of the hardest parts when it comes to loving oneself/ ourselves unconditionally.

Some or many of us all know how truly hard that truly is because they have a share of experiences as proof and evidence that it’s not what you’re assume or believe it is to achieve sorting so challenging.

For they may not even think or the thought come to mind being that they tell us to be ourselves yet they judge us anyway.

Or how we all crave that acceptance from them in which they end up losing themselves because they want to be accepted when the person that should be important here is to accept ourselves for who and what we are.

If we want to change something and it’s doesn’t nor is something to do with society in any way and more towards making us happy, confident, content and comfortable in our own skin, then go ahead. But other than that, you should accept yourself for all that you are, flaws and all!