Ready Or Not

Human beings need to work on the right kinds of successful methods and paths to be successful and accomplish the greater things in life. And so one must do what is necessary to achieve what they want.

For me, mental health is so important to me and close to my heart even though its my brain which is in my head, not all that close to my heart! And I want and intend to share my story and everything I want to but without going as far as TMI. I want to because I want my story just like many others have, changed other people’s lives.

In fact they have saved many lives representing as hope. Hope that things do get better. Even no matter who you are and anything else, anything can change as long as you put the work in and do all the parts in recovery to get better like many others are.

Another fact here to state is the shame and logic others in our society use to state their vote on why it’s wrong, unethical to declare/disclose our mental illness/condition on our resume. Well there may be some real logic there but other than that, there’s some new logic that many of us citizens of our society are here to say they believe it’s not a bad thing nor unethical.

As for others think and believe it will basically have employers instantly turn your application to the rejection pile because it appears to others and employers as unprofessional in their own logical reasoning, but also because it making it fully possible that we will only get rejected and we are preventing ourselves from getting a job offer. Like it’s seeking attention or other common phrases with the mental health community and our mental health system. Which also without a doubt goes with the stigma and discrimination too.

But when it comes to our good side of this issue, it’s a good and ethical decision to put on our resume because it helps employers know that we all live with mental illness when you let yourself come to think and realize, and that we will have struggles along the way while working at their company, and well the rest will be explained in this episode of: “Spilt Milk by Leanne Simpson”.

And these are the reasons why I chose to disclose my mental illness on my resume. But to end that statement, I also want to clarify that I wanted to do so because I didn’t really hear anything from anyone I know who has disclosed their mental illness on their resume, and so I wanted to be one of the first aside from Leanne Simpson’s story.

I guess I got tired of waiting around for someone else to do it for me. – Frank Walker, Tomorrowland

After all that I’ve been through over the years, I’m here today to talk about my progress just over 2 years in recovery. For all that I’ve been through, it’s been a real tough one so far in my life and I know greater things are coming closer to me and I’ll be ready. I’ve been preparing myself for these moments for long enough and I will be ready when they arrive. Also because I believe that I deserve some fun and to be happy. After all the pain, suffering, fighting/battling with mental illness and the stigma around it, I truly desever some great rewards for all my hard work.

Living in thsi world, is not at all what anyone may or think to expect it to be like. But it’s true from many others with proof that it’s possible to come out of the most traumatic and painful moments in our lives stronger. We can look at it not only as the bad times but the times later in life where we can look back and see how they have made us stronger and wiser today. And for that comment, I believe I have so much to be pruod and grateful for with my battles and mental health issues. Through it all, greater things do come in results. It’s all about staying strong, knowign yourself, believing you deserve so much more than you have been given, regardless of how hopeless you may feel.

Because it’s how badly you want something as per the logical reason behind why you continue to choose hope even when you feel so hopeless. We gotta hold on to earn the things we want regardless of how hard, challenging yet almost impossible it may be. You’ll be proud of yourself for choosing to hold on and be grateful for it too. So, hold on and greater things will come your way.

Just remember, positive things happen to positive people as well as “you can only live a positive life with a positive mind.

But anyway, to go into more depth with my story here; my story and my life was not one bit easy to survive, but I did it and it means so much to me. And I intend on sharing my story, the things I’ve learned, my struggles and why I advocate for mental health… because it matters, I matter, my story matters and my purpose matters. And I will work towards each one at at a time, while taking one moment at a time.

Although I am proud of all my accomplishments in my recovery, I would definitely love to celebrate such a huge accomplishment real soon even though my 2 year mark has passed as of April 25th, 2017. But my 3rd year mark celebration isn’t till April 25th, 2018 which I still plan on celebrating at that time as well. Because I believe I deserve, have every right to celebrate my struggles and my achievements. Though I’m just unsure of who, when and where I can celebrate!

And before I conclude here, I’m here to also state or share rather new news: I got a job offer to work at Walmart earlier today which I have accepted. And I’ll be making it official on paper and such tomorrow. Finally, back working again.

To conclude here, my mental health story and my accomplishments are so gratefully important to me and in which I plan on treasuring and holding onto the great and postives of my experiences. And I also plan on working on other projects such as a couple different work books I was given by a couple different counsellors I’ve met with, read more chapters inthe “Mind Over Mood” book, start making a habit of reading a couple or so chapters of any book each day (I have more than enough self help books; which I’m not ashamed if anyone finds out or catches me in the “self-help” section at the book store), getting out for more walks as well as working whenever scheduled at Walmart.

And one other important projects I want to share here is a project I call my own biography of my life. I started working on as of February 3rd 2014 and by the end of my final year at high school, I ended off with about 40,000 words. And right now I’m stuck with 46,000 words though I haven’t gotten back at the project since one day probably in 2015 after coming home from college where I spent 3 hours editing.

Though I plan on adding about 2 years worth more of content to it which will make it over 50,000 mark for sure without a doubt. I am just working on completeing come small projects before I get back working on this huge project of mine. Which I intend on publishing on eventually online.

Anyway, that’s it for today! Wish me luck!

In every moment there’s the possibility of a better future, but you people won’t believe it. And because you won’t believe it you won’t do what is necessary to make it a reality.

Have you ever wondered what would happen, if all the geniuses, the artists, the scientists, the smartest, most creative people in the world decided to actually change it? Where, where could they even do such a thing? They’d need a place free from politics and bureaucracy, distractions, greed – a secret place where they could build whatever they were crazy enough to imagine…

Every day is the opportunity for a better tomorrow. Even the tiniest of actions can change the future.

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