Self Help Is A Strength, Not A Weakness

Strength, Psychology

This new book I’ve created is here to inspire anyone who is needing of inspirational and encouraging logic towards the belief or theory or logical reasoning for not being ashamed of reading self help books or end asking for help.

Having a guide or those kinds of people who you can honestly feel so comfortable talking about anything with whether it’s personal secrets, daliy life struggles, or even anything around mental health issues or struggles that we all go through and experience more than once on more than one issue or topic in our own individual lives!

So please refer, reference and reccomend this new book of mine here on WattPad to anyone you know that would benefit greatly from this book. Regardless of their own personal struggles, problems, etc they are facing, struggling or living with. And inspire, educate, encourage, and all else that involves with those who are new to recovery and overall educational resources in recovering from any mental illness of any kind and need the educational knowledge, support from you, others and helpful resources like this and many others too.

In fact, consider the idea of making a pact or goal or achievement or something to commit both you and anyone who is struggling with anything that has some kind of shame, stigma or discrimination, and work on improving yourselves as individuals together. Agree on some ground rules, pacts like finding healthy, positive and helpful ways to cope with daily life struggles including stress, anxiety, other important milestones like boyfriends, new jobs, further education, busy schedules, support, and others that can interfere and break up friends and partners during times along the journey!

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