The Mental Health System Needs More Attention

Social change and inner change

I’m here today to change the questions and so I intend on doing so by changing the conversation. As inspired from Dove Cameron’s character, Liv from Liv & Maddie where she only receives comments about her appearance and her co-star receives comments and questions on his work; she finally gets advice from her mom to find a way to change the convo. And so I’m here to change the convo.

People think that when we open ourselves up about our mental illness is not something good to declare or make clear to others in any kind of conversation with anyone. But things needs to change. The conversations needs to change. And so I’m here being one person to continue changing the conversation.

To make a change. To bring what’s is needed and necessary to light. The war and anger, the fights, shame, fear, worry, stress, overthinking, anxiety, depression, emotional, mental and physical pain; it’s all linked to mental illness and also enough of it is due to the fact that we let it get this far and we need to realize that we need to continue taking action with what has come to our awareness with. It’s time to change the conversation, change the questions and comments we receive everyday.

Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind. It’s the right thing to do and it’s so worth the amount of risks and what we are risking. Taking risks is a good thing and it’s a healthy part of life to make the right choices with the right risks without having fears or overthinking hold us back from what we deserve and all that we want and dream and desire to have in our life. Who we want by our side through thick and thin, to having someone to rely on any day or time, to anyone who you’ve known for years to be there for a girls weekend when you need a break from reality and from everything else.

When it comes to speaking up for when you know you need a couple days off especially when you are working part time (4 shifts a week) because your mental health isn’t at its strongest and/or something’s off and may be in need of a mental health checkup, your parents refuse or continue to be stubborn, blind and ignorant to the main message and clue you are trying to bring forward with doing so, it makes it nearly impossible to earn and get what you know you need and deserve right now!

You cannot change the past, you might learn something from it. ~ Time

One day my sister asked me how I was doing “mentally” and that meant the world to me. That day was the day she had a lesson in health class in her second semester of grade 12, where she learned about support in the mental health field. If only we all asked this question with everyone who do and don’t live with mental illness themselves! It would make a huge difference: more than many others would think!

That’s a hard one to explain to someone who has little or no education on mental illness. Mental illness is a chemical in balance in the brain. It’s no human being’s fault for their mental illness!

Mental illness can affect many and all areas of our life and it needs to be educated to those who don’t have and to help create more peace and change. If you want your life to be better: read this:

Two reasons why people don’t get what they want in life:

Clarity is power. And power is the ability to do or act. And the number one reason most people don’t get what they want is because they don’t know what they want.

So what do you really want? That’s right, “you.”

Not necessarily what your parents wanted, and not necessarily what society or the media tells you you should want. But what do YOU really want your life to be like…

In your heart, in your soul?

And the second reason most people don’t get eshfbthry want is because they don’t know WHY they want it. Your why is your reason, your why is your motivation, your why is the emotion behind your what. Without that emotion there, is no energy to make the changes necessary to achieve what you want, and without the energy, guess what my friends? It ain’t gonna happen.

By T. Harv Eker

Aside from that, mental illness affects our appetite, energy, brain, personality, memory, emotions, health, relationships, education, friends, and more, like stated below:

How does depression affect your appetite?

I lost my cravings March 2016 and from then up until the fourth day on Laxepro in October, I lost all of my appetite. But the struggle with me on this is explaining the real logic and education on how losing appetite is with depression actually looks like. Some may look as though they starve themselves, and others just struggle yet everyone they surround themselves with see them eating and say that we are making nothing out of something.

That we are making excuses or using that for attention. People with mental illness are not attention-seekers. We are here online and out in public to educate the rest of our society that they don’t know what they don’t understand like Phil Collins sings in “You’ll Be In My Heart”! Know your facts and use it with intelligence: emotional intelligence!

When we say we wanna talk about our mental illness and mental health, we get judgment and shame rather than comfort, support, and other helpful things people can give to others in need! And that is something I believe we have sucked with and failed as a society. We are too quick to judge and shame others before even hearing the whole story or their side of the story, before even going to blaming us for blaming them or for acting in selfish ways. And I’m one of the millions who have experienced this with my own environment that I have surrounded myself with for years!

Honestly I would open up to my parents do much more and about a lot more than I actually share with them, but I don’t because they don’t give me the support, yet overall treatment that I need and deserve! In fact we all deserve better. And we can do better. Let’s continue having conversations online and in the real world to help decrease the stigma one baby step and one day at a time. Let’s educate those who lack enough education on what we know from our own experiences and what we have learned in school that she still lack and make some changes, one step at a time!

In corporate North America, you can say in the middle of the say, “I gotta leave at 3, I gotta go see my dentist. But you look at the looks in the office when you say “you know what, I gotta go to a psychiatrist.” You’ll got looks. And that’s what’s wrong. And that’s why we gotta talk about it. There’s no stigma. I’m crazy. I’m mental. I’m talking about it. ~ Howie Mandel

We may be labeled or viewed as those labels with being mentally ill, but in the end, we won’t give into those labels. Because deep down we know and believe we are much more than what others believe we are!

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