Think About The Good Positive Things!

Affection, acceptance & unconditional love. We all want it. We all look for it. ~ Meredith Grey

With all that I’ve been through with my mental health and all that has impacted it, I’m not gonna stop now. I’m not gonna stop fighting and advocating for something I strongly believe in and am willing to fight for it all the way 24/7!

My experiences with mental health and depression have really given me so much that I’m not willing to take for granted like I did for years or even just let it go or not do something with it. I am also very appreciative and grateful for what I went through regardless of how hard and challenging yet even impossible almost, it was worth it all!

I wanna turn my experiences into a career! I felt greatly confident with the extra experience I went through myself as a bonus that is more grateful and useful in this career I’ve decided and chosen to pursue one day!

Mindfulness is a technique I always start off teaching clients about this is because it is a practice that can benefit any mental health related issue. Mindfulness is about being in the moment. As humans we tend to think about the past or future we very rarely enjoy the present and this tends to be the source of problems. This is where mindfulness comes in, training the mind to focus on the present moment. – Positive Mental Health

After today’s shift of 4 hours, I’ve come to answer these three questions Rebecca has given me.

1. Naturalizer doesn’t provide the things that are recommended and needed for my recovery and treatment mental health wise.

2. Everything doesn’t feel right about this job. I may be getting better as cashing customers with their purchases but other than that, I feel like working at Walmart as for they are hiring for certain positions that I saw in an ad they had in their store last night.

Or any other retail store selling clothes instead of shoes. I’m definitely gonna apply near the time employers hire for the summer season at La Vie En Rose again as well as any other possible/available stores hiring near that time. Anyway, Naturalizer is not what’s best for. Like my family local doctor said in his email:

HI Laura, I’m sorry to hear about the challenges you’re facing.

I know you don’t feel like working but I think over time it may help to keep you engaged. Its an important part of your treatment and recovery.

I would discuss with Dr/ kao whether you need a change in medication because of how you're feeling. I also would recommend counselling if you’re not already participating in anything formal. It would help with learning to process your feelings and not respond in a negative fashion.”

What do u think?

At the root of this dilemma is the way we view mental health in this country. Whether an illness affects your heart, your leg or your brain, it’s still an illness, and there should be no distinction. – Michelle Obama
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