What It’s Like Living With Depression

When it comes to mental health, I never knew the real importance of caring for oneself and for prioritizing mental health as my number one priority as well as many other things in which I’ve come to share that I’ve learned in just 2 years so far in my recovery.

With as important mental health truly is and as important it is to me, I’ve come a long way in 2 years and I’m so happy, confident with it all. And I feel so absolutely proud of myself for everything I’ve accomplished with my mental health recovery. Couldn’t have done it without everything and everyone I had for support minus my own family.

Living with mental illness is not at all what anyone would want to be part of their own life, in which we may not have control or a choice whether we do or not, but we have to accept it and I’ve done way more than just accept it, but also feel no shame and no feelings or failed attempts with doing all the things my parents wanted me to follow.

Which I believe if I did, I would call that the path of self destruction and at the end is suicide, which no one wants. Which can be hard not to allow to happen if no one or not everyone is well aware and mindful of.

Though mental illness is a real disease and a huge epidemic, we can all do better and our own parts in ending the stigma and discrimination around mental illness and fixing our broken mental health system.

Mental health should be important to everyone in our society because we should be caring for our mind, it deserves more than we have been giving it.

Without the brain, we wouldn’t exist, so wouldn’t it make sense to care of our brain on the right and healthy levels to also appreciate our existence and our health? To take better care of our brain to get more out of our brain and our lives!

Depression makes you feel and believe more enough that we are worthless, unlovable, a failure and nothing that is of real value and real existence on this earth. That no one cares and that no one would feel any real sad emotion if we ended our life. Because we believe everyone else’s lives would be better off without us in it.

We do want to live but we are scared more of living rather than of dying. And we want others to show and prove to us that our own demon inside our brain is wrong about not being valued to others and that we deserve to be on earth with everyone else. That we are not a failure regardless of how many failed attempts we have made in the past. That we are lovable and worthy of so much more than our demon convinces us of.

You know you want to hold on but it’s so damn hard to. It’s rather to say impossible for us to when the world is against us all the time. It feels as it they are doing that to convince us to end our life because everyone else would be better off without us in it.

But regardless of that, we do matter, we are worthy, we are important, we are lovable, we are loved, we are not our past, we are not our illness. And we are so much more than our own demon can ever convince us of.

You don’t know what you did to deserve to be so mentally ill. To be so depressed, to be so anxious, in panic, and every little and big fact about mental illness. But deep down, the truth will find us one time or another.

And when we do, we will be able and more than willing enough to educate ourselves to learn everything we can and intend to on mental health and mental illness to help improve and change ourselves in all the areas and ways we need and want to for ourselves!

It’s clear and well known that Demi Lovato is someone who has inspired the fact that we ourself as one person, is the only one who can save ourself. If we wanna be saved, we must first take the step of seeking help.

No one can read our minds, so we must speak what we want in result so then they are able to help us by knowing what we want help with and they will know what to do to help you help yourself.