Where Are U Now

Changing my life by changing my actions and thoughts:

I have decided to spend some but not too much money on some rewarding gifts for myself like those interesting and fascinating self help books that have caught my eye enough to land on my list as well as some journals, “me to we” rafikis, some phone cases and a cool telephone receiver to use when calling friends, family and other acquaintances with my iPhone!

After being in recovery for 2+ years, I’ve come to really enjoy my progress, achievements, accomplishments and how rewarding that can be… though still believing I have other amazing rewards coming my way that come on their natural and guided path!

Got these today in the nail! Ordered these two books by Brene Brown two days ago and the “Me To We” products 6 days ago! Still waiting on my other journal I got from “Me To We” with lines (plan on drawing in this journal and the one I haven’t received yet will be to write journal entries and other desires of mine)!

Also ordered one of those phone receivers on Wish that you can plug into your iPhone and use to talk to people through like a normal telephone. As well as some phone cases too with quotes I love and will inspire me greatly whenever I find myself to look at it, while my phone is wearing it!

I’m grateful for Tracey with all her help, support, guidance and so much more! I couldn’t have done my recovery without her and everyone else who has contributed to my recovery!

What 3 things have happened recently

  1. Recovery rewards!
  2. Confidence and recovery success
  3. Love

Think about yourself in the future. Imagine that everything has gone as well as it possibly could. Think of this as the realization of all your life dreams. Now, write about what you imagined.

I see myself happier than ever living up to my purpose, achieving my passion is bigger and more passionate and life changing ways. I also see myself working with my passion in a job, as well as getting more experience and success with my mental health recovery from the interactions and events from my passion and purpose.

I also see myself in a long term serious relationship with an amazing, special, cute and handsome guy! Making progress with relationship, moving forward with moving into a place together… and love… “I Love You” stage later too!

All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything. ~ Gary Goldstein
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