You Are More Worthy Than U Lead Yourself To Be!

I had a job interview with Naturalizer. complete an hour and a half worth of wasted time on a questionnaire. Then when I receive a call from Naturalizer, they offer me a job and I take it.

I shouldn’t have accepted the job offer. The reasons why I did are: for my mom as for we spent an hour and a half on a questionnaire and didn’t want that wasted time wasted with turning the offer down, cuz my parents wanted me to get working again, and cuz my mom was only a few steps behind me sitting on the couch when I received the call, with the offer. I did not want to take the job at all in any way that appeared to any appealing offer to me.

I felt bad after attending to a few shifts and training. I don’t like it one bit. As also for a huge yet important part here being what my family doctor recommends for my recovery and treatment being out in public socializing in a workplace (a job) and Naturalizer does not have anything positive towards that at all.

I should go with my gut, my heart and what my mind believes is right for me regardless of how it may appear to another employer or even to my own parents. No matter how they will react, I’m still gonna call Walmart and hear about any further work in the hiring process and then hoping something works out, I end my employment with Naturalizer. Again this is my life, I’m 20 years old, I’m becoming. a more responsible citizen of society and human being like my parents have already said themselves. It’s my life, not theirs, they shouldn’t take anything personally with what I choose and decide and what I achieve with my life and how I live it. They don’t have that kind of control, only I do!

Parents will not like nor agree with my choices, beliefs, feelings or decisions and further thoughts on this course of action on this particular area/situation. It’s my life no matter what logic they throw in.

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