You Gotta Live & Believe

Not so sure about my feelings and thoughts on my new job working @ Naturalizer. Didn’t really feel much when I received my offer and accepted it. Being compared to my reaction and excitement and mood improvement greatly after I received and accepted my offer working @ La Vie En Rose for the holidays and Black Friday busy days!

I’m struggling to find out what my lack of little emotion here on my new job. I barely at all express any real emotion or feeling.

Would be good to hold onto it till after I attend my upcoming interview with Bench and if and hopefully I hear back with an offer.

If so, I’m taking that one and declining my employment with Naturalizer. The only problem I have is having to tell my parents knowing their reaction. And chosen words!

Emotions & Feelings: relaxed, loved, grateful, calm, hopeful, chill, peaceful, positive, blessed, focused, emotional, afraid, creative, safe, ready, empowered, well, loyal, crazy, interested, guarded, courageous, encouraged, rebellious, passionate, vulnerable, caring, challenged, alarmed