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Our Voice is the Bridge to Our Emotions, Soul, and Mind in the Workplace.

Our speech reveals an unspoken amount of information about our thoughts and emotions at that current moment. It is time we pay attention.

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4 min readSep 4, 2021
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“Many people use their voices everyday — to talk to people, to communicate their needs and wants — but the idea of ‘voice’ goes much deeper. Having a voice gives an individual agency and power, and a way to express his or her beliefs.”

- The Power of ‘Voice’, and Empowering the Powerless

We do not value our voice enough.

We talk a storm, and we never stopped to reflect just how powerful our voice is. For one, it transforms our thoughts into speech. Next, people near us can hear us.

Our voice is a powerful tool.

People pick up discontentment from what we say and how we say it. They can sense sarcasm. A few can detect our annoyance.

We have to pay more attention to this bridge made from sound to understand people better.

And ourselves.

Forging a Connection with Our Tribe Through Sounds and Echoes

“To be able to speak loudly, proudly and clearly helps fuel that message. Through our voice, we can connect ourselves to the world around us. Whilst not our only tool to connect to others … our speech should not be dismissed as it is a powerful tool for spreading the word.”

- Loud and Proud: The importance of voice in work and life

Stand your ground.

Do you have a strong belief? Climate change, global warming, wealth disparity, feminism, LGBT?

You got to voice it out. LOUD.
Or you will be drowned by naysayers.

You have to be emotional for followers, supporters to connect with you. Emotional authenticity creates a strong wave of attraction.

“Emotions colour the language and act as a necessary ingredient for natural two way…



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