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What is Aedis

We are a collective of dreamers, shakers & doers. We are driven by an unquenchable intellectual curiosity to expand our interests, grow our circles of competence & ask better questions.

We see large potential for game-changing zero to 1 innovations to reshape how we fundamentally make, move, connect & create value for humans.

This is our space to hold true to manifesting our ambitions to accelerate, invent & build a sustainable tomorrow.

The Aedis Founding Collective

Why we started Aedis

  • Opportunistic Moment: Never before has there been a time where access to knowledge is democratized & bias towards action is rewarded
  • Favorable Upsides: Towards creating truly asymmetric & scalable value streams
  • Specific Knowledge: We realised that our rabbit holes into niche interests, innovation skills & broad venture expertise were revered externally
  • Skin in the Game: We wanted to start journeying towards investing capital / building ventures in the opportunities we uncovered
  • Ultimate Leverage: We wanted to channel our infectious creativity towards building our brands, network & records. Extending this to a community to take advantage of
Our Vision for Aedis

Our Philosophy

Our Perpetual Venture System

We will produce a collection of content packaged in the newsletter that feeds our system:

  • Curated Content — Help you stay ahead of the curve w/ high signal recommended reads
  • Deep Dives — More detailed explorations into the 4 pillars (Production, Mobility, Web 3.0, and Value Creation) and growth theme-related opportunities
  • Idea Theses — High-level idea overviews to provoke action
  • Value 1 Pagers — Investment Theses to inform capital allocation related decision making covering the company overview, growth potential, value indicators, potential scenarios & risks
Our Perpetual Venture Machine

“We want to build a community that is passionate and eager to make sustainable advancements a reality.”

Our Structure

Over the long term, we will be building dynamic views of:

  • Investment Framework: First-principles-driven investing framework, that codifies our compounding investing knowledge & incorporates different investing schools of thought. Helps us think rationally & visualize potential outcomes. (drives content to our Value 1 Pager)
  • Space specific Engine: We break down an investment space/growth theme/pillar like an engine with components. We understand what comprises the parts of the engine and visualize how they all work together. (drives content to our Idea Theses & Deep Dives)

What to expect

We will explore 1 specific growth theme every 2 months from Aedis’ 4 different pillar perspectives — Production, Mobility, Web 3.0, and Value Creation.

Growth Themes on our Horizon

Join us on our journey as we shape how the world makes, moves, connects & invests

Aedis is definitely for you, if:

  • You are intrinsically curious, pragmatically driven, wildly ambitious
  • You are lured to make, change & shape things around you
  • You are eager to grow your thinking set, knowledge spaces & competencies

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Aedis Writes

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