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4 Things You Need to Know When Transferring Your Votes

As the node election running smoothly, we are receiving some questions from community voters about transferring their tickets. We would like to address the following questions to all the careful voters.

Can users transfer votes to another candidate node during the lock-up period?

Yes. Voters can choose the lock-up periods among 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months(each month is calculated as 30 days). During the lock-up period, ELF holders can transfer their votes to other candidate nodes under free willingness.

What do users need to be noticed when conducting transferring?

  • The number of transferring votes must be less than or equal to the original number of votes.
  • Once the transfer is confirmed, the lock-up time will be reset based on the original lock-up period.
  • According to voting rules, after completing transferring, users can claim their voting income at next Thursday 3:20 PM (UTC+8), and 7 days is one round of transition (from Thursday to next Thursday).

Will transferring votes affect the voting weight?

No. The lock-up period will be reset and remain the same as the original, which means the voting weight will be consistent. The detailed calculation and rewards distribution could be found in aelf Economic and Governance White Paper.

How to transfer? Is there an unlocking in need?

No. Users can transfer to the node he/she prefers on the page [Node Vote], and the specific steps are as follows.

a. Enter the VOTE session on aelf explorer. Click [Vote] to transfer to the candidate you prefer.

b. Click [From Not Expired Vote] to choose the node you want to transfer out. Completing transferring by clicking [OK].



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