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9 Day Countdown, aelf Hackathon’s Submission Deadline Is Closer

aelf team is happy to see our Legend X hackathon arousing interest from hackers all over the world. Up to now, the total submissions have surpassed our expectations and that number keeps increasing day by day. More than 200 participants have signed up and some of the successfully submitted projects have been presented on our hackathon’s website.

ELF holders can visit this site and vote for their favorite projects. For the voting guide, please read this article or watch our video tutorial on YouTube.

The event has passed halfway and there are 9 days left before the submitting portal closes. If you haven’t submitted your project or are hesitating over whether to participate, please DO BE HURRY. The grand prizes and various honors are awarded to those submitted projects, as set in our judging criteria. Besides the benefits mentioned repeatedly, aelf also provides winning projects with our media resources, helping start-up teams and individuals gain exposure and build brand awareness.

To retrieve more information about the hackathon, you can go to the following two articles:

Hackathon Website Features on aelf Website
Legend X Hackathon Workshop 1

For tech support or other queries, our devoted team is always ready for help.


Join us on TG or Discord to stay tuned and interact with aelf communities:






ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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