aelf and Poseidon Network Reach a Consensus Collaboration

The world’s first Decentralized Content Acceleration Platform, Poseidon Network will Deploy their Smart Contracts based on aelf Enterprise 0.7.0 Beta.

On May 16, 2019, Poseidon Network announced a long-term strategic partnership with aelf as they plan to deploy their smart contracts based on the aelf Enterprise 0.7.0 beta.

Poseidon Network is a mixed blockchain application platform that optimizes the bandwidth of network content through distributed nodes and digital credentials. In the form of token rewards, users are encouraged to contribute their own spare bandwidth, such that every terminal device on the network becomes a cache node and a PaaS platform that can share resources such as bandwidth, storage and even computing power.

aelf’s enterprise development platform Enterprise 0.7.0 beta will provide Poseidon Network with a more convenient and efficient contract deployment environment. It will allow Poseidon’s developers to configure and manage their smart contracts with ease through different aelf modules and CodeGenerator technology, enabling higher deployment efficiency and eventually helping to reduce the overall contract development costs. Together as partners, aelf and Poseidon will build a stable and efficient infrastructure, poised to become the global leader of next generation content distribution.

Zhuling Chen, aelf co-founder and COO, is highly optimistic about the prospects of Poseidon Network, stating, “Currently, Poseidon Network has deployed about 5 million+ intelligent hardware offline. In the future, I believe that Poseidon Network will further strengthen the role of consumers through the PaaS sharing economy, and promote OTT industry innovation through distributed nodes and digital certifications.”

Light Lin, CEO of Poseidon Network said, “Poseidon Network chose aelf as the underlying architecture because aelf has the right key characteristics of decentralization and transparent information. Also, aelf’s parallel processing and resource segregation with sidechains are critical in enabling Poseidon Network to deploy our smart contracts quickly and operate at maximum performance — qualities we must have to quickly take the lead in the distributed content field.”

This partnership will broaden the use cases of aelf’s unique technological offerings and at the same time, lay a solid foothold for aelf in its effort to expand the multichain ecosystem.

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