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aelf announced the inauguration of the Innovation Alliance

Vincent Zhou (FBG Capital), Michael Arrington (Arrington XRP Capital), Huo Li (Huobi Labs), Ma Haobo (aelf), Chen Zhuling (aelf), John Ng (Signum Capital), Dai Ke (Roland Berger)

On May 3, aelf shared something that will have a profound impact on the wider community and until now it had been hidden behind closed doors. Previously, aelf has demonstrated its character, one that is invested in the community and wanting to use its influence to make a positive impact around the world. This initiative, led by aelf is a strong statement to reinforce this value statement. aelf is here to change the world!

Innovation alliance is creating a coalition of large international blockchain players who can help fast-track the road to blockchain adoption for organisations from start-ups to large corporations. These partners will provide advisory support, valuable resources, industry insight and experience to all businesses that have an interest in the exploration and adoption of blockchain technology. This alliance will be available for all industries, ranging from the gaming world to the corporate finance industry. Other examples include supply chain, insurance and legal just to name a few.

Let me introduce the big players of this Innovation Alliance. Firstly, of course, there is aelf — the initiator of this alliance. aelf is creating a ‘Central Business District’ ecosystem which will enable commercial organisations to operate their applications through public or private sidechains customized to the degree suited to each individual enterprise. Each sidechain will be fully segregated in terms of traffic allowing it to remain completely unaffected by any congestion from any other corporation’s chain.

The second group to bring their experience to the table are Huobi Labs; an offshoot of the extremely popular Huobi exchange organization which is focusing on creating a blockchain incubation program. They can bring funding and resources as well as incredible industry insight.

Other players include Signum Capital — Singapore’s largest and most influential blockchain fund, FBG Capital — One of the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency hedge funds in Asia, Roland Berger — A leading global strategy consulting firm, and, and world known Silicon Valley Mogul, Michael Arrington — Founder of TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital. Together with aelf, these founding members are creating the perfect environment to bring blockchain technology into any corporation. They provide a myriad of experience, funding options, industry insight and resources.

Each Member have strong beliefs that blockchain will be vastly adopted through-out many existing industries through large corporations as well as through multiple new start-ups. Zhuling Chen, Co-founder of aelf stated, “Blockchain can seem daunting to small businesses that are just getting started, and perhaps even more so for well-established companies with long-held processes and practices. The world-class experts in the Innovation Alliance will actively encourage open information sharing based on their unparalleled experience in the crypto and blockchain community, inviting businesses of all sizes to join the conversation. This aligns closely with aelf’s overarching focus on peer-to-peer learning and an open-source approach to blockchain more broadly.”

Chen Zhuling (Co-founder of aelf)

Further to this, Michael Arrington explained, “Having been heavily involved in blockchain project investing for several years, I have seen first-hand the demand for informed, trustworthy counsel and the need to spread the word about what blockchain can do for our oldest industries and our most innovative start-ups.”

Many people in the community were expecting an announcement of a partnership over the last week. This Alliance is so much more. On a basic level, there is not one but multiple partnerships. Not only that, but this demonstrates exactly how these partnerships will flourish and create an amazing coalition. But then looking on a deeper level, there are clear benefits by aelf’s proactive approach.

The aelf project encourages companies and organisations to enter the blockchain industry and work on creating specific apps which will run on the aelf sidechains. aelf has decided not to wait for this to happen, but proactively engage the world around us and create the platform which will help brings these industries to the blockchain technology, and in doing so, to the aelf network. By approaching these companies and forming this alliance, aelf is giving back to the community in a very real way whilst ensuring the future success of its own project.

aelf is doing their part in taking blockchain to the world, and you, the aelf community can join them by bringing blockchain to the world around you. Will you join us and together we can stand strong, knowing that we are making a difference.

aelf Innovation Alliance Signing Ceremony

aelf Innovation Alliance is aimed to build up a brand new Blockchain business model, and to create a more advanced ecological system, whilst it will fully collect the research resources on Blockchain technology and applications.


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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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