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Aelf Blockchain— One of the Global Projects Most Recognised by China

Aelf is now one of the most prominent blockchain projects recognized by the Chinese government, leading universities and industry leaders.

It has been 6 months since the first release of the aelf Enterprise Blockchain Platform release. Since then there have been incredible leaps forward in relation to partnerships and support for the aelf blockchain from all the aelf offices around the world. The Chinese office, in particular, has been driving forward at an astounding pace.

If you would like to see all recent partnerships, please see here.

Aelf in China

Aelf holds a large office in China supporting many of our developers and some of the executive team. This office is of vital importance not only for the team, but also to build up our presence in China.

When aelf first started, we already had a headstart on many other start-ups due to the connection our founder had with the Chinese Government as a Blockchain Advisor. This has set us up for success after success in a country which is home to many blockchain projects from almost every industry.

China has been a critically important market to tap into for the blockchain industry as they home almost 20% of the world’s population. But not all projects have been able to succeed in this tough climate. In late 2017, the height of the latest bull market, China banned all trading plaforms and exchanges resulting in over 170 platforms closing down over the next 9 months. There has also been a proposal to ban cryptocurrency mining affecting thousands of miners as well as the largest mining manufacturer, Bitmain. But with all this stringent regulation, there is also a positive. China has a massive market size with an annual GDP of almost $12 Billion USD, and holding the highest future annual return rate globally at almost 30%. The country also hosts an abundance of developers, providing rich pickings for any company looking to expand within software development. Although there appears to be a push back to cryptocurrencies, there is a clear positive view towards blockchain technology with government, educational institutes and industry leaders all committing time and resources to not only research, but promote the technology nationwide. This has made aelf’s success within China all the more impactful.

2018 Blockchain CEO of the Year

On June 23, 2018 at China’s National Blockchain Conference, aelf’s CEO and founder, Ma Haobo, was awarded the “2018·blockchain CEO of the year” by People’s Daily, for leading the development of aelf. This award is one of the highest recognitions one can receive in China and is recognized globally. It is another step in demonstrating the success and drive aelf has achieved in its short life.

Aelf Invited to CESBB by China’s Government

On Nov 29th, 2018 during the 2018 International Blockchain Conference, the China Electronics Society Blockchain Branch was formed by the Government. Aelf’s CEO and founder was appointed as a member of the first committee.

China’s Municipal Government and Regional Leaders Visits aelf

On June 22, 2019 aelf, as the only blockchain company in the district, received visits from the leaders of the Tianjin Municipal Government as well as the representatives from Peking University, Tianjin University and Nankai University.

At the end of the visit, the Tianjin Party and Government delegation stated that they hope aelf will deepen its cooperation with various enterprises in Tianjin and continue to achieve fruitful results in the development of new generation blockchain technology. At the same time, they expressed a high level of recognition for the breakthrough development that aelf has achieved so far.

Aelf receives Government Blockchain Certification

In July 2019, aelf received certification recognizing it as a well developed and stable blockchain project by the Chinese Government. Starting 2017, China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute (CESI) — a government authorized institution founded in 1973, has been conducting Standard Blockchain System Function Test in order to pressure test and certify the top blockchain projects operating in China. The stringent hurdles to receive certification are so high that only 30 projects globally, including Lenovo, Alipay, and most recently, aelf, have been able to pass. Aelf is the latest to receive certification and is the first international blockchain startup to receive the globally recognized status with a score of over 90%.

Chinese Military Contractor builds PoC on aelf

On July 17, 2019, the 3rd China Blockchain Development Competition was held to showcase the skills from developers all over the country. Among the 40 participating teams that reached the semi-finals, three projects utilized the aelf Enterprise platform as their underlying blockchain system.These projects were:

  • “Multi-platform Review System Based on Cross-chain Technology”
  • “Research and Implementation of Task-Based Platform Strategy Based on Blockchain”

Both projects submitted by Teams from Tianjin University

  • “BEHM: An Open Equipment Collaborative Support Platform for Resource Convergence”

Submitted by China Shipbuilding System Engineering Institute.

The project “BEHM: An Open Equipment Collaborative Support Platform for Resource Convergence”, built on the aelf Enterprise blockchain platform, was submitted by team Haizhitian from the China Shipbuilding Industry Systems Engineering Research Institute. This project stood out from the 40 semifinalists, winning third place. The other two projects from Tianjin University both won the Excellence Award.

Aelf partners with Huawei

On September 18, 2019 during the Huawei Connect 2019 Conference, aelf, as a technology partner, was invited to attend, including an exclusive Dinner for partners and industry leaders.

Huawei and aelf will continue to explore more opportunities for collaboration to serve their enterprise clients. aelf will further strengthen our in-depth cooperation with Huawei Cloud, while deepening our position in the industry and maintaining technological advantages.

Aelf participates in Creation of Blockchain Standards in China

On September 20th, 2019, the National Standards Compilation Meeting of “Information Technology Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Reference Architecture” organized by CESI (China Electronics Technology Standardization Research Institute) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was held in Shanghai. Zongzhe Huang, Technical Ecosystem Director of aelf, was invited to attend the meeting, alongside senior experts from the People’s Bank of China, China Securities Regulatory Commission, Nanjing and Fudan Universities, and other enterprises and institutions.

Huang actively participated in the discussion before casting his vote for the final decision. aelf will continue to actively participate in the discussion of industry standards, from both technical and practical perspectives, contributing to the standardization of the blockchain industry and promote the refinement of industry standards.

Aelf has been involved in almost every officially organised event related to blockchain within China to some degree. We are recognised by local and national governments, educational institutes and industry leaders as one of the most forward thinking and developed blockchain projects in the field. Aelf’s Chinese Office hopes to continue this success while our international office focuses on similar positive moves, including collaborations with Amaten and Orange Teleco, discussions with Astra, and receiving support from AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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