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AELF BUIDL Your Own Blockchain (BYOB) is here!

On May 1st 2019, aelf’s development team proudly announced the AELF Enterprise Blockchain version that allows any user to deploy their own aelf blockchain in just a few minutes. The team is excited to bring to you aelf BYOB, in hopes that more developers and community members would try out building their own blockchain! By installing aelf boilerplate and running a few demos on aelf with your own computer, we hope that you would develop a familiarity and even excitement with aelf.

1. BYOB Tasks

The event consists of 4 tasks that developers and community members can participate in. You will be rewarded with ELF for completing each task. As you progress through the tasks, fill out the form linked below so we know that you are one of the first to participate! You can populate one form per google account and you can submit & edit the form as you go.

Make sure to populate the form! Otherwise we cannot know that you have participated in the event and completed the task.

Task 0: Open the AELF BYOB form

You can submit the form at any time, as well as go back and edit a previous submission. Whenever you are editing your form, make sure to go all the way to the end of the form and press the ‘SUBMIT’ blue button!

Task 1: Set up & try the demos
Experience aelf-boilerplate and 4 demos for you to try out! Full instructions can be found here:

Task 2: Help spread the word through twitter

After trying out aelf-boilerplate and the demos, developers can either retweet the AELF BYOB announcement on Twitter or publish their own tweets about the experience.

All tweets should include: ‘@aelfblockchain’ & ‘#aelfBYOB’

Task 3: Share your experience

Going a step further from tweeting, you can write articles or blog posts about the aelf boilerplate experience or aelf in general. Some recommended article topics:

- Your views on blockchain and/or your understanding of aelf blockchain technology

- Experience of the demo and tutorial, subsequent expectations and feedback

(aelf ranks first on GITHUB as the most active C# blockchain project. If you are a C# developer, you can comment on aelf + C#.)

The articles or blog posts can be posted on any technology related platforms such as Reddit, medium, etc.

Technical articles must not be copied or plagiarised.

Task 4: Give us feedback

Aelf developers community is on telegram After completing the demos, please join the community and share your opinion with us by posting valid questions, suggesting solutions, or helping other members find answers to their questions.

2. Rewards rules

Task 1: All participants must upload the screenshot of each demo with the participant’s name or alias written on a notepad or word on screen.

First 100 will win 188 ELF

101~120: 128 ELF

121~150: 108 ELF

151~200: 88 ELF

Task 2: Retweet of the announcement made by @aelfblockchain or participant’s own tweet on the AELF BYOB event must receive
10 likes or more to win 20 ELF
20 likes or more to win 60 ELF

Please use @aelfblockchain and #aelfboilerplate for ease of tracking

Task 3: Write technical articles and post them on a technical blog/BBS win 188 ELF. Publish them on more than one other blogs/BBS to get additional 100 ELF (limited to 25 on first come, first served basis)

Task 4: Sharing with the telegram group of valid questions, suggested solutions, active technical engagement within the aelf developer community to win additional ELF.

The award is limited to the first 200 developers. Please sign up now.

3. Event period

Registration starts on June 10, 2019

Event end date: June 24, 2019

4. Estimated Time

Configure the environment: 15–20 minutes

Running the Demos: 10–15 minutes

The full experience is expected to take about 30 minutes

5. Tutorials & Help

1. What is aelf-boilerplate

aelf Boilerplate is a development template based on aelf blockchain system with built-in development scaffoldings and simple demos. You can use aelf Boilerplate to quickly build your own blockchain system and develop smart contracts and DAPPs based on aelf blockchain system.

2. What can aelf-boilerplate do

For Dapp developers:

Relying on this template, smart contracts and dapps can be quickly deployed based on the AELF blockchain protocol

Blockchain developers:

Can quickly set up their own blockchain system

In order to get you started quickly, we have prepared the relevant tutorials for the AELF BYOB event:

Video tutorials:

Graphic tutorials:

View the Developer Documentation:

Windows troubleshooting:

If you are running aelf boilerplate on Windows and are having problem running the blockchain, please check out the instruction below to successfully build and run the blockchain on VS.

· aelf Telegram community: English, Türkçe, Español, 한국, 日本語, 中文русский, العربية, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, हिन्दी, and Tiếng Việt,

· aelf Twitter

· aelf Facebook

· aelf YouTube

· aelf Instagram

· aelf Reddit

· aelf Medium (for the latest update and articles)

· aelf Github (complete aelf project codes)

For more information, visit




ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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