From Pixels to People: Building Community through NFTs

Join in the fun with our first Proof of Attendance NFT launch at NFT Paris 2024 and the Community NFT Design Contest!



In the dynamic intersection of blockchain and community dynamics, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Proof of Attendance (POA) NFTs have emerged as revolutionary tools for forging digital communities. NFTs, representing unique and ownership-verified digital assets, transcend traditional notions of value, becoming catalysts for artistic expression and collective identity. Meanwhile, POA NFTs offer a tangible link to shared experiences, affirming participation in specific events. Together, NFTs and POA NFTs redefine community building in the digital age, fostering connections, collaboration, and a sense of belonging within decentralised ecosystems.

aelf’s first-ever POA NFT to be launched at NFT Paris 2024

To celebrate the power of digital legacies, aelf is excited to unveil its first-ever POA NFT at NFT Paris 2024 where we will be attending as a Gold sponsor. This exclusive launch aligns with the spirit of the event, offering attendees a unique and limited edition POA NFT as a token of their presence at the aelf booth at NFT Paris 2024. The NFT also entitles participants to claim exclusive aelf swag. Apart from claiming a commemorative POA NFT, there will be other exciting side events and campaigns for you to win exclusive merchandise too. More details to come soon!

Join our Community NFT Design Contest, Win 100 USDT

Building upon the excitement of the exclusive POA NFT launch at NFT Paris 2024, aelf is introducing an exciting community campaign — aelf’s Community NFT Design Contest. Through this campaign, we invite aelf community members to submit designs for our first-ever Community NFT! The theme for the Community NFT is “aelf in Paris”.

Here’s the steps you need to take on Zealy:

1. Download Portkey and fill in your Portkey wallet address.
2. Follow Portkey and aelf on Twitter.
3. Submit your Community NFT design (1024x1024px; Max size: 5MB).

*Do make sure to complete all the tasks under the #Community NFT Design Content quest on Zealy.

The deadline to submit your NFT design is 12 February, 00:00 UTC+8. Thereafter, the aelf team will shortlist 5 designs for the community to vote via Twitter from 13–19 February. The design with the highest votes will not only be minted as aelf’s first Community NFT but will also be rewarded with 100 USDT. Additionally, community members who vote will also stand to win 100 USDT!

Building a Strong aelf Community Globally

aelf’s journey into the world of digital collectibles marks a significant step toward embracing and preserving the digital legacies of its community. As we launch our first-ever POA NFT at NFT Paris 2024 and kickstart our Community NFT Design Contest, we invite our community to be active participants in this exciting chapter of our story. These initiatives pave the way for future community-driven projects that define the aelf ecosystem. Share your creativity, cast your votes, and be a part of shaping the vibrant digital tapestry of the aelf community!

About aelf

aelf, a high-performance Layer 1 featuring multi-sidechain technology for unlimited scalability. aelf blockchain is designed to power the development of Web3 and support its continuous advancement into the future. Founded in 2017 with its global hub based in Singapore, aelf is one of the pioneers of the mainchain-sidechain architecture concept. Incorporating key foundational components, including AEDPoS, aelf’s variation of a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus protocol; parallel processing; peer-to-peer (P2P) network communication; cross-chain bridges, and a dynamic side chain indexing mechanism, aelf delivers a highly efficient, safe, and modular ecosystem with high throughput, scalability, and interoperability.

aelf facilitates the building, integrating, and deploying of smart contracts and decentralised apps (dApps) on its blockchain with its native C# software development kit (SDK) and SDKs in other languages, including Java, JS, Python, and Go. aelf’s ecosystem also houses a range of dApps to support a flourishing blockchain network. aelf is committed to fostering innovation within its ecosystem and remains dedicated to driving the development of Web3 and the adoption of blockchain technology.

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