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aelf Contracts Upgrade, September 2022

Token Contract and CrossChain Contract Upgraded, NFT Contract Deployed

aelf is consistent in our pursuit of a more versatile and inclusive blockchain ecosystem. To better support DApps and infrastructures in aelf ecosystem like NFT, cross-chain bridge, etc., aelf team upgraded multiple contracts this September, including Token Contract (AElf.Contracts.MultiToken) and CrossChain Contract (AElf.Contracts.CrossChain), and deployed a new NFT Contract (AElf.Contracts.NFT). The proposals for these upgrades and deployment have been approved by aelf’s BPs (Block Producer) and released. Details are now available on the MainChain governance page/ SideChain governance page. Below are the proposal IDs for your reference.

MainChain AELF Proposal IDs:




SideChain tDVV Proposal IDs:




We appreciate the support and trust from our communities. aelf promises to constantly upgrade the code and optimize our contents so as to provide the best blockchain services to all of our users, developers, and partners.



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