AELF Development Progress Report (May 13th — 19th)

May 20 · 2 min read

Highlight: Completed consensus and Economic System regression test


- [Completed] Use Context to get other contract addresses in the contract

- [Completed] Repair and supplement State failure related test cases (state consistency problem in case of transaction batch execution)

- [Completed] Network LIB problem fixed

- [Completed] Announcement broadcast optimization; peer reconnection optimization

- [In progress] Synchronization logic improvements, completed the code (reviewing)

- [In progress] Removed transaction List structure from BlockBody, completed the code (reviewing)

- [In progress] Clean code for dependency reduction #1670, completed the code (reviewing)

- [In progress] Introduce the permission mechanism for contract deployment upgrade, completed the code (to be reviewed)

- [In progress] Contract security rules: Array size verification / SafeDateTime / double type / float type, completed the code (reviewing)

- [In progress] Fix chain stability problem:

  • [Completed] Announcement trigger excessive download task
  • [Completed] Regression test for small blocks mode synchronization mechanism
  • [Completed] Splitting problem between nodes after the startup
  • [Not Started] Stability testing for large amount of transactions

- [In progress] Native parallel execution in execution module


- [Completed] Consensus / Economic System regression test

- [Completed] Sidechain automated test script

- [In progress] Sidechain module cross-chain verification integration test

- [In progress] Storage evaluation:

  • [Completed] Log analysis of state storage growth, script analysis
  • [Completed] Analysis usage of the consensus contract state
  • [In progress] Other contract analysis

- [In progress] Economic System automation test script

- [In progress] Network split evaluation (re-evaluation after fixing synchronization problem)

- [In progress] Offsite node evaluation (re-evaluation after fixing synchronization problem)

Plan for This Week:

- Fix stability problem after changing the consensus to small blocks

- Execution module: parallel progress in native machines

- Enable contract security detection

- [Recurring] Implement TODO and fix bugs in Issues



- [完成] 合约中用Context获取其他合约地址

- [完成] 修复及补充State失败相关测试用例(交易分批执行的情况下状态一致性问题)

- [完成] 网络LIB问题修复

- [完成] Announcement广播优化/peer重连接优化

- [进行中] 同步逻辑改进,代码完成(review中)

- [进行中] BlockBody去除transactionList结构,代码完成(review中)

- [进行中] Clean code for dependency reduction #1670,代码完成(review中)

- [进行中] 引入合约部署升级的权限机制,代码完成(待review)

- [进行中] 合约安全规则:数组大小验证/SafeDateTime/double type/float type,代码完成(review中)

- [进行中] 链稳定性问题修复:

  • [完成] Announcement trigger过多下载任务的问题
  • [完成] 小块模式同步机制的回归测试
  • [完成] 启动初期节点之间分叉问题
  • [未开始] 大量交易情况的稳定性测试

- [进行中] 执行模块本机并行执行


- [完成] 共识/经济系统回归测试

- [完成] 侧链自动化测试脚本

- [进行中] 侧链模块跨链验证集成测试

- [进行中] 存储评测:

  • [完成] state存储增长日志分析,脚本化分析
  • [完成] 共识合约state使用情况分析
  • [进行中] 其他合约分析

- [进行中] 经济系统自动化测试脚本

- [进行中] 网络分裂评测(同步问题后需重新评估)

- [进行中] 异地节点评测(同步问题后需重新评估)


- 修复共识改成小块后侧链稳定性问题及其他稳定性问题

- 执行模块本机并行执行

- 启用合约安全检测

- 实现代码中TODO相关的Issue

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