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aelf Enterprise 0.8.0 Beta Officially Released

aelf Enterprise 0.8.0 beta is a complete set of enterprise blockchain solutions that include a complete blockchain system, development kits, development documentation, and supporting infrastructure and services.

aelf Enterprise 0.8.0 beta version system integration

1. aelf Enterprise

  • aelf Enterprise v0.8.0 beta
  • DevKit v0.8.0 beta

2. aelf External Applications

  • aelf blockchain scanner v0.1.6
  • aelf scanner MySQL plugin v0.8.0 beta
  • aelf explorer v0.8.0 beta
  • aelf wallet v0.8.0 beta
  • aelf JS SDK v3.2.17
  • aelf JS SDK Cross Chain v1.0.1
  • aelf CLI in Nodejs v0.1.15

3. aelf Browser Extension v0.8.0 beta

The core features of aelf Enterprise 0.8.0 beta compared to aelf Enterprise 0.8.0 alpha are:

  • Improved stability
  • Established Economic System
  • Full set of cross-chain capability
  • Improved cross-chain support tools

aelf Enterprise v0.8.0 beta:

AEDPOS Consensus Mechanism:

  • Random block order
  • Production block logic
  • Consensus verification and cheating punishment

Economic System:

  • Proposal and multi-signing mechanism
  • Three voting models (parliamentary vote / association vote / referendum)
  • Bancor-based TOKEN (multi-asset) trading
  • Node election voting/changing
  • Dividend/charge mechanism


  • P2P network and node management
  • Trading pool
  • Chain management
  • Block/transaction verification and management
  • Data storage
  • WebAPI interface
  • Command-line interface
  • Develop SDK (Javascript)


  • Sub-chain and parent chain indexing mechanism
  • Cross-chain verification and cross-chain transfer

Contract system:

  • Runtime
  • Contract Development SDK
  • Contract security check
  • Contract development standard (acs)

Parallel execution:

  • Resource detection and grouping
  • Parallel execution between groups
  • Conflict handling


Developer Documentation

  • New node construction
  • New cross-contract calls
  • Updated CLI usage documentation
  • Updated WebAPI usage documentation, removed RPC-related documentation

aelf External Applications update:

aelf Wallet:

  • Fixed transaction record query issue due to multiple tokens

aelf Explorer:

  • Interface reconstruction, interface response within hundreds of milliseconds
  • Part of the logic is optimized by using websocket
  • Transaction record query optimization

aelf JS SDK Cross Chain:

  • Added cross-chain JS SDK

aelf CLI in Nodejs:

  • Added new proposal related methods

Introduction of integration features:

1. aelf Enterprise

1.1 aelf Enterprise v0.8.0 beta

A complete blockchain system, including minimized blockchain kernel, DPoS consensus mechanism, smart contract, voting, token, and basic cross-chain systems.

High-Performance Smart Contract Runtime

  • Contract execution level: Based on Protobuf, a smart contract execution environment like GRPC is implemented. The input and output of all objects and their storage are all based on protobuf high-performance serialization. Stateful storage uses a high-performance distributed database such as Redis.
  • Overall contract construction: Generate code through the GRPC plugin, performance is equivalent to the GRPC server.
  • Contract scheduling: Parallel execution within blocks, parallel execution through AKKA cluster operations.

Consensus System

  • Security: Ensures that all accounting nodes perform distributed random number generation through The Secret Sharing algorithm. Through this random number, the order of each round of billing nodes is randomly sorted, which reduces the possibility of node collusion.
  • Efficient: After verifying a block at 2/3 nodes, the block becomes an irreversible block, and the data is permanently stored to the chain without being reversed by the fork.

Multiple Token System

Based on the contract system, a built-in Token system capable of cross-chaining is implemented. All assets are capable of issuing transfer locks and cross-chain transfers.

Voting System

Based on the contract system, a universal voting system has been established, which facilitates online governance and secondary development.

Cross Chain System

Provides a mechanism for any data on the chain to be transmitted across the chain. The system is implemented based on the Merkle Tree Root index, and the whole system can incorporate multi-level main side chain index, allowing scale up and scale out options.


ASP.Net Core server is implemented to create a high-performance interactive framework.

1.2 DevKit

Includes development templates and tutorials, developer manuals, TestKit, BenchmarkKit, IDE Integration

  • Developer’s Manual: Provides a detailed introduction of the AElf system and API documentation
  • TestKit: Convenient for developers to test contracts quickly
  • BenchmarkKit: Provide built-in performance test cases
  • IDE Integration: Enables developers to debug smart contracts in real-time and provides the ability to prompt unit test code coverage

Developers can quickly deploy aelf-based blockchain systems and create Dapps based on development kits and tools provided by aelf, and quickly become familiar with aelf through developer documentation.

2. aelf External Applications

aelf Blockchain Scanner

  • The chain sweeping program makes it easy for developers to store data on and off the chain, reducing developing costs.
  • Need to insert the application with the corresponding database, the community provides aelf-scan-MySQL as the default MySQL insert version

aelf Scanner MySQL plugin

  • Convenient for developers to use the scan chain program to insert data into the MySQL database
  • Transaction, block, TPS, resource data storage are supported by default

aelf Explorer

  • Implemented block and transaction queries

aelf Wallet

  • Store private key locally
  • Implemented basic token transfer and transition history querying
  • Searchable and able to add aelf contract tokens

aelf JS SDK

  • The cross-link transfer interface of aelf is encapsulated to facilitate developers to get started quickly.

aelf CLI in Nodejs

  • A huge amount of instruction prompts are provided.
  • Provides functions such as creating accounts, obtaining block information, trading information, and creating contracts.

3. aelf Browser Extension

  • Store private keys locally and provide a key management visualization interface
  • Encrypted communication between plugins and applications
  • Support DAPP transaction signatures in AElf ecosystem
  • Support users to visually manage application permissions

· aelf Telegram community: English, Türkçe, Español, 한국, 日本語, 中文русский, العربية, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, हिन्दी, and Tiếng Việt,

· aelf Twitter

· aelf Facebook

· aelf YouTube

· aelf Instagram

· aelf Reddit

· aelf Medium (for the latest update and articles)

· aelf Github (complete aelf project codes)



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