aelf Enterprise 0.9.0 Officially Released

Dec 11, 2019 · 2 min read

On 11th December, 2019 aelf Enterprise 0.9.0 was launched with upgrades to many aspects of the blockchain ecosystem including an upgrade to dotnet core 3.0. This version is a production-ready blockchain system with a focus on providing a full set of features, tools, and documentation for enterprises looking to transition their applications and systems onto blockchain.

aelf Enterprise 0.9.0 Version System Integration

1. aelf Enterprise

  • aelf v0.9.0
  • DevKit v0.9.0

2. aelf External Applications

  • aelf blockchain scanner v0.9.0
  • aelf Scanner Mysql plugin v0.9.0
  • aelf explorer v0.9.0
  • aelf wallet v0.9.0
  • aelf JS SDK 3.2.23
  • aelf-bridge 0.0.7
  • aelf CLI in Nodejs v0.1.27

3. aelf Browser Extension v0.9.0

The core features of aelf Enterprise 0.9.0 compared to aelf Enterprise 0.8.0 Beta are:

  • Optimized data storage
  • Optimized block generation logic
  • Optimized execution efficiency
  • Optimized security verification
  • Optimized ross-chain modules

aelf Enterprise 0.9.0 Detailed Updates

1.aelf Enterprise 0.9.0 Updates and Introduction

1.1 aelf v0.9.0

□ Defined random number standard and implemented it at the consensus layer

□ Optimized block generation logic

□ Optimized network broadcast block, reconnection, and security verification logics

□ Optimized cross-chain caching and verification logic

□ Optimized storage space

  • optimized StateDB / chainDB data storage

□ Optimized execution efficiency

  • Optimized Security sharing calculation
  • Batch read and write optimization

□ Optimized block verification

  • Optimized consensus logic of evil nodes detection / removal
  • Enhanced verification logic after receiving blocks through the network
  • Realized the recognition and processing of bad peer

□ Optimized contract deployment/upgrade process

  • Optimized time-consuming codes detection process during contracts deploying / upgrading

□ Optimized Economic System transaction fee and resource token transaction algorithm

□ Fixed status inconsistency issue

□ Upgraded to dotnet core 3.0

1.2 Devkit v0.9.0

□ Improved aelf-boilerplate

  • Added development examples

□ Improved Developer Documentation

  • Added more examples to the documentation
  • Added missing chapters
  • Optimized tutorials structure

2.aelf External Applications Update

2.1 aelf-bridge

In order to provide DApps with the ability to interact with the chain and to protect wallet information, aelf-bridge can be used for interacting with the wallet.

The wallet App described here includes a mobile (iOS/Android) native app, desktop app and more.

The wallet apps described here include but are not limited to native mobile end (iOS / Android) apps, desktop apps, and etc.

2.2 aelf Explorer

  • Updated voting and resource trading logic
  • Simpler version UI, simpler and more efficient

2.3 aelf CLI in Nodejs

  • Add proposal-related methods

· aelf Telegram community: English, Türkçe, Español, 한국, 日本語, 中文русский, العربية, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, हिन्दी, and Tiếng Việt,

· aelf Twitter

· aelf Facebook

· aelf YouTube

· aelf Instagram

· aelf Reddit

· aelf Medium (for the latest update and articles)

· aelf Github (complete aelf project codes)


ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.


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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.



ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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