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aelf Enterprise V1.0.0 Preview 1 officially released

On Friday, 27th of March, aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 Preview 1 was launched. It is a comprehensive commercial blockchain solution, including a fully developed blockchain ecosystem, development suite, and supporting documents for basic applications and services.

Post aelf Enterprise v0.9.2, focus revolved around the overall project code review. aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 Preview 1 has resolved any issues found in the final review process.

The Public Testnet Code has been upgraded to aelf V1.0.0 preview 1 and all functions required for the Mainnet launch are now complete. Supporting features, such as the Test Android, IOS and web wallets, in addition to the Testnet blockchain Explorer will be released synchronously.

aelf Enterprise 1.0.0 Preview 1 Version System Integration

  1. aelf Enterprise
  • aelf v1.0.0 preview 1
  • DevKit v1.0.0 preview 1

2. aelf External Applications

  • aelf Blockchain scanner v0.4.0
  • aelf Scanner Mysql plugin v1.0.0 preview 1
  • aelf Explorer v1.0.0 preview 1
  • aelf Wallet v1.0.0 preview 1
  • aelf JS SDK 3.2.29
  • aelf-bridge 0.0.8
  • aelf CLI in Nodejs v0.1.37

3. aelf Browser Extension v1.0.16

In conjunction with this launch, the aelf Public Testnet and Supporting Features Introduction has also been released. This introduction is an authoritative guide on the technology and supporting features of the Testnet. It describes the core technical elements and product advantages of the aelf design, detailing basic functions and the use process of features such as the blockchain browser and wallet. The introduction also details the Guideline of blockchain Explorer, wallet, and other supporting facilities.

aelf will gradually start the mainnet preparation in accordance with the latest published Mainnet launch Roadmap. In order to ensure that all performance indicators and governance mechanisms will run stably in a live and complex environment, a Testnet node election based on the aelf Enterprise V1.0.0 Preview 1 will simultaneously be facilitated. Details of the event will be posted in the near future.

The aelf foundation will verify users who successfully compete for the Testnet production node status. These will be publicly identified as verified nodes through the aelf website and other social media channels. After the mainnet launch, any individual or organization will be able to participate in the node election. The individuals or organizations that have been verified and recommended by the aelf foundation during the public testnet node election period as a reference for the node election. Details for these events will be released in the near future.

The next steps will be to ensure aelf Enterprise V1.0.0 Preview 1 runs in a stable manner. aelf will comprehensively evaluate network performance, stability, governance mechanism efficiency, disaster-resistant redundancies, and pre-planning mechanisms. Code revision and logical optimizations will be regularly performed to minimize potential crisis situations and refine risk pre-planning. Performance and efficiency of the network will be adjusted to the best state, to make sure the aelf mainnet is completely ready to launch.

aelf Enterprise V1.0.0 Preview 1 is a core display of aelf’s latest technical updates and the R & D achievements of mainnet. The project has achieved the expected goals in performance, scalability, and governance. It can also provide stable, efficient, and secure underlying technical support for developers among other users.

The development of a new economy cannot be separated from the technology driving it, and the purpose of this technology development is to ultimately create value. aelf will continue to optimize the underlying performance and user’s experience, to create a sustainable blockchain infrastructure that provides integrated blockchain business solutions for different business applications and support the transformation of traditional business governance systems.

Detailed Updates

1. Updates and Introduction

1.1 aelf v1.0.0 preview 1

  • Enhanced verification logic with contract approach
  • Optimized the random number generation logic, improving ease of use
  • Optimized the on chain cache logic for better maintenance
  • Upgraded dependency packages such as Grpc
  • Optimizing the main / side-chain dividend pool logic
  • Optimized the service fee calculation logic, making it easier to expand
  • Optimized the service fee charging logic, improving usability
  • Optimized code dependency/code style for better maintenance.
  • Optimized CI/CD

1.2 DevKit v1.0.0 preview 1

Developer documents:

  • Optimized Tutorials structure according to the increasing depth principle, enhancing developers’ starting experiences.
  • Added side-chain creation content.

2. aelf External Applications Update

2.1 aelf blockchain scanner v0.4.0

  • Adjusted scan logic

2.2 aelf Scanner Mysql plugin v1.0.0 preview 1

2.3 aelf explorer v1.0.0 preview 1

2.4 aelf wallet v1.0.0 preview 1

aelf IOS/Android Wallet Beta Download Link:

2.5 aelf JS SDK 3.2.29

  • Add the filtering function of Block Bloom in SDK and subscribe to event

2.6 aelf-bridge 0.0.8

2.7 aelf CLI in Nodejs v0.1.37

3. aelf Browser Extension v1.0.16

Update: Simplified the document and adjusted the parameters.

To access the Introduction of aelf Public Testnet and Supporting Facilities please visit the aelf official website, and click on the related page.

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