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aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 Released

On December 9th, aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 was released. It is an upgraded version of aelf Enterprise V1.0.0 RC 1 , including a complete blockchain ecosystem, development suite, and developer documents for basic applications and services. aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 has optimized node execution efficiency, reduced memory usage, supports and allows elected nodes to change private key. This version improved user experience on the basis of the RC version. With a more complete blockchain system, development kits, developer documents, as well as supporting the basic applications and basic services.

aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 is an enterprise-ready, integrated blockchain solution. The main chain + multi-side chain structure, “cluster” data center, a parallel computing system, AEDPoS consensus, and a multi-governance model catalyze the deep integration of various applications with blockchain technology.

This version has been updated and optimized multiple times by the aelf team. aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 is the first code version of the mainnet launch. All the functions required for the mainnet launch have been implemented. This version is important for improving the stability and security of the mainnet. Future versions will also be updated iteratively based on this version’s performance. We will continue to provide a secure, stable, and efficient development environment for developers.

▋ aelf Enterprise v1.0.0 System Integration

1.aelf Enterprise

  • aelf v1.0.0
  • DevKit v1.0.0

2.aelf External Applications

  • aelf Blockchain scanner v1.0.0
  • aelf Scanner Mysql plugin v1.0.0
  • aelf Explorer v1.0.0
  • aelf Wallet v1.0.0
  • aelf JS SDK v1.0.0
  • aelf-Bridge v1.0.0
  • aelf CLI in Nodejs v1.0.0

3.aelf Browser Extension v1.0.0

▋ Detailed Updates

1.aelf Enterprise Updates and Introduction

1.1 aelf v1.0.0

  • Added support for Miner and elected nodes to change private key and address
  • Optimized the reward module of Candidate Node
  • Optimized node memory usage

1.2 Devkit v1.0.0

2.aelf External Applications Update

2.1 aelf Scanner Mysql plugin v1.0.0

  • Adjusted compatibility

2.2 aelf explorer v1.0.0

  • Fixed bugs
  • Adjusted plug-in login logic.

2.3 aelf wallet v1.0.0

  • Adjusted compatibility

3.aelf Browser Extension v1.0.0

  • None

The release of aelf Enterprise 1.0.0 is a concentrated display of the latest technical progress and R & D achievements of the mainnet. As the most important infrastructure, mainnet performance determines the development of public-chain ecosystem. With this version, aelf will continue to pursue excellence and provide users with a high-performance, user-friendly and reliable blockchain infrastructure.

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