aelf Explorer v1.2.3 Released

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3 min readFeb 15, 2023


aelf explorer is upgraded to v1.2.3 as of February 13. In this version, the upgrade focuses on the customization of the site’s individual segments and the deeper optimization of user experience. As the explorer has been upgraded several times, each time being made easier to use than its previous version, the recent upgrades concentrate on the subtle things that may imperceptibly improve the way users interact with it. Below are the major changes in v1.2.3.

Blocks/ transactions pages

Users can select [Blockchain] at the navigation bar and click either [Blocks] or [Transactions] to view all the data.

Token pages

The updated token pages will present all the transactions.

Contract code tabs

The designs of the contract code tabs are optimized.

Tab URLs

URLs for tabs on each page are customized. Different tabs on the same page won’t share the same URLs, and they all have unique suffixes added to the original URLs.


To help users better distinguish addresses on different chains, all addresses are presented with prefixes and suffixes added, except for address parameters returned by contracts. Users can click the “copy” button to get the complete address and don’t need to type the prefixes or suffixes manually.

As a vital part of aelf network and the foundation for aelf ecosystem, aelf explorer enables users to keep track of all the on-chain activities, including real-time blockchain data, transaction history, and proposals. With it, developers can deploy contracts onto aelf and ELF holders can participate in the governance of the ecosystem through node election and voting.

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