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aelf Extends its Mainnet Token Swap to December 9, 2022

The swap portal runs for another 3 months and the tutorial is renewed.

Swap Tutorial

Install Wallets:

  • To send ELF from other networks, make sure you have any of these wallets: MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet;
  • To receive Mainnet ELF, please install NightELF extension wallet. Follow this tutorial if you have not registered an aelf wallet account.

Find ELF in the Sending Wallet

Log in to your sending wallet (using MetaMask for illustration here) and make sure you have added ELF token in the wallet.

Choose Source Network

Visit the portal and choose the source network in the upper right-hand corner.

Connect the Sending Wallet:

Click [Connect] and choose the sending wallet. Enter your password to unlock it.

Authorize the Contract

After this wallet is connected, you will need to [Approve] the aelf LockMapping Contract using your ELF tokens. On the pop-up wallet interface, you shall scroll to the bottom and click [Confirm].

Connect the Receiving Wallet

Click the button [Connect aelf Wallet] to connect your NightELF wallet. Enter your password to unlock it.

Lock ELF

After you have connected both wallets, enter the amount of ELF you want to swap and click [Lock].

Receive ELF

Click the refresh button to the right of [RECEIVE] and the [Receipt ID] shall be loaded automatically for you to select from the dropdown menu.



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