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aelf Hackathon Projects AMA Recap — I

The aelf metaverse-themed hackathon — TOP of OASIS projects AMA was held on Jan. 27th, 2022 6:00 P. M. — 7:00 P. M(UTC+8) in aelf English community. The questions are answered by the Projects Main Speakers. Here is the review of the whole event.

Welcome to aelf metaverse Theme Hackathon — “TOP of OASIS” projects AMA. We’re lucky to have energy 8, Salsa Valley Game, Awaken Swap, NFT forest, Sainzone, to join here to talk about their projects, each project will have AMA session + Q&A session.

Energy 8

Q1: Please give us a brief introduction to Energy 8!

The Energy8 project pursues an ambitious goal — uniting the fascinating world of computer games and the progressive technologies of the blockchain industry. The uniqueness of our technology brings new opportunities to the world of the crypto industry.
Our project was created in May 2021 and has already passed a huge number of tests and obstacles. Initially, our token was launched on the BSC network, then we chose the Polygon network and successfully moved there in the summer of 2021. Our project has participated in: Polygon-Grants Hackathon (1 place); Binance Smart Chain GameFi Hackathon Central & Eastern Europe (8th place); Celo Mobile DeFi Hackathon (1 place).

Q2: Please tell us the most important feature of Energy 8?

Energy8 created a bridge between the blockchain and online games, which means that on our servers and the servers of our partners it will be possible to earn absolutely risk-free and input/output will be instant. The in-game currency is no longer a candy wrapper.

Q3: Please introduce your team?

Our team has been working with cryptocurrencies since 2017. At that time, many of us have already been specialists in the field of cryptocurrencies with extensive experience in development, risk analysis, economics, and more.

Q4: Could you tell us about your project development plan?

We have created a strong community of like-minded people. Gamers already test Minecraft server and earn real money in the game, our holders will receive all the benefits from farming and staking, we will launch Energy8 NFT MARKETPLACE, EnergyDAO, Minecraft and GTA5 METAVERSES. We will start an advertising campaign. Our games for mobile phones will be released in parallel on Google Play and the Apple Appstore.
At the end of our roadmap, we see the use of E8 as a universal gaming cryptocurrency and embedding our monetization mechanism into existing games.

Extra question from Q&A session: what do you think of the future of energy8?

In the future, Energy8 will grow into a full ecosystem and will be able to compete with huge companies and not only in the game field. We want to grow higher and higher, embody new and new ideas, so we invite everyone to become a part of our big Energy8 family. We want to tell everyone, ordinary people who are interested in studying about the game world or cryptocurrencies, great investors

Salsa Valley

Q1: Please have a Brief introduction of the Salsa Valley.

Salsa Valley Metaverse is more than a game! It’s a crypto platform that unites together crypto enthusiasts, blockchain developers, lovers of hot salsa sauce, meme-fans, 2D & 3D animators, gamers, and those who just love to joke and laugh. The story of the whole ecosystem is set in a valley in Mexico. The main slogan of our project is GET FUN & BE PEPPER!

Q2: Please tell us the important feature of Salsa Valley?

Participants can play Salsa Valley diversity of game mechanics and also move between blockchains, games, and Metaverses.
In the game, users will be provided with a great number of absolutely different and even unique types of Play2Earn mechanics. $SALSA is a native token and a full-fledged coin for the community that will be used in the Salsa Valley ecosystem.

Q3: Please introduce us to how do you see the interaction between the Salsa Valley and AELF ecosystems?

In the future, once the game is up and running, AELF blockchain land will be able to generate revenue from all sales and interactions on AELF territory. The projects built on AELF will be able to interact with the community by getting the representative offices there. This will be the place where they will be able to get new connections and indirect income in the Metaverse also.

Q4: Could you tell us your achievements and plans for project development

In the first quarter of 2022, a board game will already be released. In a year we plan to release a full-length cartoon about a crypto world in partnership with a major animation studio, such as Pixar or Disney. And also in our roadmap, we have the Charity program and Partnerships with Mexican restaurants and salsa sauce makers to engage much more users into this world.

Extra question from Q&A session:What makes Salsa Valley unique among all the Gamefi projects?

Our wide ecosystem, a lot of products which people can use, play and get profit. This NFT game will simulate the behavior of the crypto market participants for educational and fun purposes. It will also provide a new way and virtual place of interaction between creators of real blockchain projects, users, investors, and players. Salsa Valley is the gateway to other Metaverses and blockchain games

Awaken Swap

Q1: Please have a Brief introduction of Awaken Swap.

Awaken Swap is a decentralized finance platform deployed on the aelf blockchain. And in the future, it will be deployed on BSC and ETH.

Q2: Please tell us the important feature of Awaken Swap.

Traditional DeFi platforms mainly focus on a single financial service — exchange or lending. Awaken Swap utilizes the idle assets from exchange to develop the lending market. It is the Awaken lending protocol.In addition, the Yield Farming program with high APYs and the longest yield period among the DeFi platforms, provides LPs with extra rewards in our platform token.

Q3: Please introduce your team?

We are an anonymous team, but we are qualified and we have experience in doing defi projects.

Q4: Could you tell us about what is your project developing plan?

Awaken Swap sets up a dividend system for token holders and will transfer 80% of our daily income from the exchange service, in form of $USDT, into the dividend pool and distribute it to the holders.
Token holders who stake their tokens into the dividend pool are all eligible to collect the dividend on a daily basis. There is no participation threshold for the pool. The total amount in the dividend pool is the cumulative amount of 80% of Awaken’s daily income from swap fees. The dividends that holders can get each day are calculated in real-time based on the share of pledged funds.

Extra question from Q&A session: What is Awaken Swap next goal in the future?

We will launch more chains in the future, including BSC, ETH, etc. At the same, we will open more token markets for the lending protocol. We’ll also cooperate with good projects and open more lending pools. Meanwhile, we will collect the feedback and reviews from the user, in order to promote our product, the Awaken Swap.

NFT Forest

Q1: Please have a Brief introduction of NFTforest?

NFTforest is an NFT marketplace that connects artists, product project owners, and collectors. It supports erc721 and erc1155 standards. Anyone can explore and discover new values in this mysterious and colorful NFT Forest.

Q2: Please tell us the important feature of NFTforest?

The features of NFT Forest is short for 3 points: The 1st is low fees for creating NFTs in NFTforest; The 2nd feature is the flexible transaction method; The 3rd is Personalization.
Besides, I personally like the name of forest, because there are always unknowns and explorations in the forest, and so is the NFT world. You will meet all kinds of works, some beautiful, some strange, and even some weird works. But these are the reasons why we love the NFT and the forest.

Q3: Please introduce your team, Stephen?

The main developers of our team have rich development experience. We have been committed to the development project of web 3. At the same time, we have our own cognition and understanding of NFT market. We hope to show you our understanding of NFT by participating in this event.

Q4: Could you tell us about your project development plan?

We intend to realize the basic functions of NFT market in phase I, including buy, sell, and transfer. In the second phase, enrich other functions, including personalized customization, a variety of auction methods, and the creation of NFT. In later iterations, more functions will be updated.

Extra question from Q&A session: What do you think of the current popularity of NFT market?

The popularity of NFT is predictable. NFT goods have more market value than other goods. At the same time, NFT can better serve manufacturers and improve their popularity. For painters and creators, the existence of royalties also makes their income more objective. Therefore, NFT will remain popular for a period of time.

Saint Zone

Q1: Please have a Brief introduction of Saint Zone Game?

Saint Zone is a Diablo-style ARPG game based on the European mythological system.

Q2: Please tell us the important feature of Saint Zone?

It innovates in its convergence with DAO, NFT, and DeFi; The game allows players to enjoy an immersive game experience in 3A-level graphics with a high degree of freedom; Players can earn ample rewards through the achievements.

Q3: Please introduce your team, Annie.

our team is composed of 3 core members: Malvin, Bo, Eric. Malvin is a former Ubisoft artist, who participated in the development of a series of star IP mobile games. Bo is the founder of an independent game studio to provide services related to art and technology for HBO, Blizzard, Ubisoft, and other large overseas enterprises. Eric has rich experience in developing global markets, has a record of 10 million downloads within a month.

Q4: Could you tell us about your project development plan?

We are planning to launch Saint Zone initially on aelf through The Top of Oasis-Hackathon in the first quarter of 2022. our vision is to launch Saint Zone on global gaming platforms and the Social-Fi platform.

Extra question from Q&A session: Do you have the plan to launch your product on mobile platforms like ios, Andriod?

This is available on iOS & Android & PC — -Deep optimizations for mobile.

Thank you all for attending aelf Hackathon projects AMA! And I’m looking forward to seeing your projects in the near future.




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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.

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