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aelf Hackathon Projects AMA Recap — III

The aelf metaverse-themed hackathon — TOP of OASIS projects AMA round 3 was held on Feb. 24th 9:00 A. M. - 10:00 A. M. (UTC) in aelf English community. Four excellent projects, PiggyFi Africa, DrameBase, Checkmint, and VolcanicFinance, responded to the selected questions to deepen our understanding of their projects. The community was invigorated, and meanwhile, the projects also received positive feedback. Here is the review.

PiggyFi Africa

Q1: Please give us a brief introduction to your project.

PiggyFi is an app that uses the blockchain to enable easy and automated peer-to-peer money transfers, savings in US dollars to protect against inflation and devaluation, and P2P payment infrastructure for businesses within and outside Africa. More information can be found on our website

Q2: Please introduce your team.

Our team currently consists of two full-stack blockchain engineers, one UX designer. and one product manager. Our team members have been involved in several blockchain projects in the past both individually and collectively. Our team also has extensive experience in fintech, full-stack development, robotics/AI, and other disciplines related to blockchain, defi & innovation.

Q3: Please tell us the most important feature of your project.

Our most important feature is the GlobalP2P infrastructure, which powers all PiggyFi features such as sending and receiving money. GlobalP2P is a suite of APIs and developer tools that enable sending, receiving, and converting crypto to fiat and vice-versa using a P2P network.
Global P2P infrastructure also includes payment links and buttons, APIs to accept and receive stable coins such as (BUSD and CUSD) in exchange for local fiat to facilitate adoption.

Extra question from Q&A section: what makes you different from other DeFi projects?

One significant difference between us and other projects is the barrier of entry. We realize that for mass adaption, the technical jargon has to be removed from the way. So such things as connecting via Metamask and Trust wallet is only for Liquidity provider but not for users. For users, they interact with the app easily and we handle the blockchain technicality underneath.
I have a quote: Blockchain is simply a means to an end and not the end itself.


Q1: Please give us a brief introduction to your project.

DrameBase is a project focused on using the blockchain as a tool for file distribution in the media and entertainment sector using IPFS. DrameBase aims to transform how media content such as music, video, and other types of entertainment is delivered, consumed, and paid for. DrameBase will enable content creators, such as musicians or writers, to directly distribute their work to consumers, bypassing traditional distribution channels and leaving a larger share of the revenue for content creators themselves. This could impact everyone from large media houses to independent bloggers, helping artists form a direct relationship with consumers.

Q2: Please tell us the most important feature of your project.

This is a feature that everyone would love. On traditional streaming platforms, artists get paid. How would you love to earn just for listening to music? Listeners also get to earn as they listen to music. Another important feature is the fact that listeners can fund their favorite artists to produce music for them.

Q3: Could you tell us about your project development plan?

Yes, for the technical aspect. We are partnered with Orign, a renowned SaaS that is building with our team. We are ensuring that our users have an amazing user interface that would be easy for onboarding and usage. As per Project development in marketing: we are making intentions to partner with huge record labels and musicians to get our artists onboard for streaming.

Extra question from Q&A section: Did Dramabase also provide distribution for Paintings, if yes then what will be the fees for that?

Yes, it would be able to list on our NFT Marketplace. we will even have a section for literature.


Q1: Please give us a brief introduction of checkmint.

Checkmint is transforming blockchain gaming by allowing players to play games, trade their wins, and collect NFT’s. Players play a game of Chess and when they win, they are rewarded with an NFT piece, this NFT piece can be auctioned off on the checkmint market for other players to use as an entry piece into the level of which the player completed. This project will start with only the chess game but will go ahead to add other educational and intuitive games for other players that do not know how to play chess. NFT can also be sold for tokens, and the tokens converted back into fiat currency for the gamer.

Q2: Please tell us the most important feature of your project.

You can win different parts that will enable you to build your avatar for sales. You also create unique NFT’s with your winning moves while playing chess. We have started with our funding for development, but we are looking forward to having investors who understand the potential of Gamefi.

Q3: Could you tell us about your project development plan?

we intend to expand into other simple games to accommodate more players who don’t play a game.

Extra question from Q&A section: Which partners will promote and help Your Project reach and achieve the project’s goals?

Our first partners would be Aelf and its engineers as we would be building with them, we also have celebrity media partners on all social media ranging from Twitter to Instagram. we are also partnered with Origne, a renowned software building platform to ensure a bug-free game.


Q1: What was your biggest challenge while building this Project?

The 2 biggest challenge I face: Finding the Perfect Teammates, the lack of funds to pay teammates.

Q2: How can an individual user benefit from your Product?

As stated in the Project presentation VolcanicFinance is the first Burn To Earn and Yield Farming protocol in the whole Defi Ecosystem. So let’s say you buy a token and that token gets rugged. What will you do with that rugged token? all you can do is either continue holding it or send it to death address. So in this case, sending it to death address is the best thing, but why take the risk of getting rugged and also burning the token? so VolcanicFinance gives an offer that individual users can benefit from our products by Staking the rugged token for a specific period of time earning incentives and also burning the tokens.
Furthermore, you can stake your tokens not to burn, but to earn more funds from our farming and magma pools.

Q3: Please introduce your project.

VolcanicFinance Protocol is the First Decentralised B2E Protocol that aims to minimise investors lost of funds mostly those that get scammed from the well known DeFi scam known as Rugg-pulls, and also a Yield Farming protocol that aims to offer liquidity providers with high APYs. VolcanicFinance aims to make DeFi verse cleaner.

Extra question from Q&A section: Does your project have a technology solution or plan to increase user confidence in this problem?

We have the plan that we allocate a team that focuse on Smart Contract audits.

For more information, please refer to, , the 2 DEMO webinars, where projects e-met aelf global community and walked us through the visions and utilization of their projects.



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