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aelf Kicked Off its Node Election to Embrace a New Period of Ecological Development

On November 18th, 2021, aelf publicized its node election to candidates for open voting by community members world- wild.

A stable, secured, and matured mainnet infrastructure has a prerequisite for the public election. Since aelf mainnet was launched in December 2020, aelf has built 5 Genesis nodes underlying the function of aelf mainnet. Up to now, aelf has completed its website upgrade, mainnet upgrade, and the mainnet token swap.

In line with our roadmap, aelf will focus on promoting the value of mainnet ecology in the following year. This public campaign for production nodes will be the singularity of the aelf ecological outbreak, and the aelf ecology and community development will enter a new upgrade stage.

Adhering to the concept of decentralization, aelf grants rights to the community. We will invite users from the global community to participate in this event, and vote for 17 production nodes to jointly build the aelf ecology. At that time, the production nodes elected by global users will participate in the calculation and verification of the aelf network, and fulfill the will of the community to ensure the stability and development of the aelf network.

How to apply to become aelf production node?

With the official launch of the aelf production node public election, the election registration channel has been opened. After the candidate node and the aelf team complete the technical docking, they can submit node information according to the following tutorial and accept the voting of global users:

  1. Download and install Night ELF extension
  2. Log in to your Night ELF extension.

Solution 1 - Register: Use Google Chrome aelf wallet plug-in (Night Elf) to register aelf mainnet identity

  • First, you need to enter a password with a length of at least 9 digits, which must have a certain degree of complexity. It can contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, numbers. Then click the [Create Wallet] button.
  • Through the previous step, you can see the NightELF User Agreement, please read it carefully and decide whether you want to use NightELF, then click Agree or Refuse.
  • Click [Key Pairs] and [Create Keypair]
  • Enter the Keypair name,click [create Keypair], write down the Mnemonic, and click [Next]
  • Re-select the mnemonic phrase and click [Submit] to complete the registration. The interface will automatically return to the [Key Pairs], where all the identities will be listed. Click [Copy Address] copy the ID below, which is the aelf mainnet address.

Solution 2: Register through aelf Wallet to obtain an aelf mainnet identity.

Import the wallet into the Night_Elf extension by means of mnemonics or keys. For details, please refer to:

3. Open the Governance — Vote session on aelf explorer. Click Login to connect the Night ELF extension. Please make sure there are 100,000 ELF tokens available for staking.

4. Click Become a candidate node to apply.

5. Enter administrative address, click Apply Now, stake the required ELF tokens.
Note: The administrative address can be a different address. The administrative account has the right to replace the node to handle the situation where the node’s private key is leaked.

6. Submit node name, introduction, server configuration, operation and maintenance plan, social media, and other related information.

7. Click [Submit] to complete the application. Once completed, the node will be added to the candidate list for voting.

Node election is a long-run event that opens to global users, community enthusiasts, ecological partners, blockchain enthusiasts and technology geeks are welcome to participate in this event, inject more fresh blood into the ecological development of aelf, and draw up a blueprint for aelf’s prosperity and stability.



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