aelf Launches Bug Bounty

Receive up to $1,500 per bug found!

Oct 22, 2019 · 3 min read

On Oct 24th, 2019 aelf’s biggest bug bounty will launch with a large reward pool. The event will run for almost 2 weeks, concluding on Tuesday, Nov 5th. This bounty program will revolve around the aelf Enterprise 0.8.0 Beta platform and test tokens. Users can expect to receive between 288–18,888 ELF per bug reported which equates to approximately $1,500 USD (At time of press).

This bounty will reward any bugs found specifically around the aelf mainchain and applications currently running on the mainchain, such as wallets, explorers, etc. The rewards provided as compensation for reported bugs will be based upon numerous factors, including the impact of the vulnerability, risk, likelihood of exploitation and quality of report.

aelf v0.8.0 Beta (Oct 24th — Nov 5th)

Rewards will be broken down into 3 main categories with minimum rewards for each:

Major (4,888–18,888 ELF):

  • Stealing or random issuance or distribution of tokens

Moderate (1,888–4,888 ELF):

  • Unexpected behavior that occurs in extreme cases

General (288–1,888 ELF):

  • Any defect of API in aelf system.

aelf External Application (long-term)

  • 100,000 ELF bonus pool

How to Participate

1️⃣ Receive Your Test Token

In order to participate in this bounty you will need to receive the test tokens:

Receive Test Token Tutorial:

2️⃣ Participate in the testing

Find bugs in aelf v0.8.0 Beta

Eg: such as contract development, contract deployment, Economic System, transactions, adding sidechains, etc.

You can deploy your own blockchain with reference to the documentation and use the blockchain by using api:port/swagger/index.html exposed API or CLI tools.

Code to be tested:

Main chain: (v0.8.0-beta)

Staging: (master)

Test network full node:


Sidechain 1:

Sidechain 2:

In addition to the bug reports, we also encourage participants to report on incomplete or ambiguous components of the current documentation.

Developer Documentation:

Find bugs in aelf External Applications

For the aelf chain supporting applications: such as blockchain explorer, mobile phone H5 wallet.

The scope is as follows:

Open Test Websites at

Public test address: (only for mobile phone mainchain H5 wallet)

3️⃣ Proposing Bugs/Constructive Feedback and Suggestions

Developers can directly raise an issue on aelf’s GitHub, the title should start with: [Community Bug] + bug description. aelf technical team will evaluate bugs and solve them.

aelf Github:




H5 Wallet:

For other bugs, please submit an issue in the corresponding codebase. If you can’t find a suitable codebase, please communicate with Sam (@samjia) on Telegram.

4️⃣ aelf Technical Team Review

Wait for aelf technical team to review. The main chain bug rewards will be distributed within one week after the end of the event; the long-term bug bounty rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the bug is reviewed by the team.


  • The scope of bugs award will be assessed by the technical team based on its importance.

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