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aelf Mainnet Token Swap will Start on Sep. 9th

aelf will give away up to 27 million ELF airdrops, worthing 12 million dollars.

Since aelf mainnet went live in December 2020, the aelf technical team has conducted a series of functional tests and adjustments to the mainnet. With the completeness of security audits from Trail of Bits (ToB) and the Slow Mist, aelf has reached its optimized overall code, which laid a solid foundation for the launch of the aelf ecosystem.

In line with our developing progress, the aelf team decided to launch the mainnet swap from 12:00 P.M. on September 9, 2021 (GMT+8). The event will last for three months. During the event, users can replace their ERC20 ELF tokens with mainnet ELF tokens at the rate of 1:1. In gratitude to aelf users, aelf will send an additional 5% mainnet ELF airdrops in real-time. Swap users can get the reward by completing the token swap on the aelf website or through the eligible exchanges in the first 15 days of the event, which is from 12:00 P.M. September 9th to 12:00 P.M. September 23rd GMT+8.

The mainnet token swap is a key turning point for the aelf mainnet ecosystem to enter an all-around and leapfrog development. aelf will bring all the crypto enthusiasts a nextgen user experience with its outstanding performance, diversified applied scenarios, and silky operations:

1. A brand new upgrade of blockchain network performance experience:

aelf adopts its innovated AEDPoS consensus mechanism to ensure high-frequency stable block production and to improve block production efficiency; adopts a multi-level side chain design to achieve the “double parallel” effect of multi-parallel and intra-chain transactions, which will provide users interaction experience with an ultra-low gas fee of 0.1 US dollars within seconds.

2. Achieve a new breakthrough in the ecological barriers of the blockchain:

aelf utilize its versatile oracle to enhance the heterogeneous cross-chain function. The combination of the two products builds a two-way communication network among projects, which breaks the industrial bottleneck of project isolation. aelf also could extend the performance of all current public chains on command, enabling them with remarkable performance, accelerated processing efficiency, and unlimited scalability.

In this case, aelf is becoming an Ethereum Layer 2 in practice. Subsequently, aelf can allow NFT to be transferred between the Ethereum and aelf ecology, as well as support more NFT application scenarios, such as games that require high-performance on-chain.

3. Open a new era of blockchain DAPP development and usage:

aelf provides developers with a versatile developing template for free, including consensus mechanism, communication protocol, smart contract, and other modules. Developers could access the aelf ecosystem quickly, conveniently, and efficiently. Meanwhile, aelf can also accommodate DApps of other public chains such as Ethereum and Polkadot. It also aggregates various star projects as an app store to become a safe, efficient, autonomous, stable, easy-to-use, and transparent new value financial system.

Leading the new journey of blockchain 3.0:Tomorrow is running on aelf

aelf mainnet token swap sparks the inaugural activation of the all-connected blockchain ecology. The multi-chain parallel transactions and contracts are executed and interoperated on different chains. Data could be generated, calculated, and exchanged among different chains, and that when blockchain magicians creating fantasy miracles. aelf “multi-chain Interconnection” bridges the isolated information island, integrating all the applications with an open attitude. In this way, aelf could participate in the storage and calculation of valuable information in the entire blockchain, so that to realize valuable interconnection based on information interconnection, and create a very vitality model based on information sharing.

In gratitude to aelf users, aelf will simultaneously hold the “Lucky Elf Raffle Draw” from 12:00 P.M. (GMT+8) on September 9, 2021, with a total of 119,000 ELF rewards capped. Users only need to lock up 100 ELF to have a chance to win 70,000 ELF high rewards and the highest prize could reach 100x. After the completion of the swap on our website, users can directly jump into the Lucky Elf raffle page to participate in the event and get rewards.

Currently, aelf team is docking with the top-tier exchanges to facilitate a smooth mainnet token swap. Details will be subject to the official announcements of the supported exchanges, regarding the possible closure of the deposit and withdrawal services. aelf team will also publish relevant information on time on our official channels, and users are requested to pay attention constantly during the token swap period to avoid unnecessary losses.








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