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aelf Monthly Digest — August 2022

The monthly update of aelf — episode 2.


  • aelf v1.2.1 Upgrade: aelf v1.2.1 has upgraded the naming policy of JSON response to UpperCamelCase (capitalizing the first letter of every key) and it is now consistent with earlier versions.
  • aelf Explorer v1.2.0 Upgrade: The latest version of explorer has split the navigation bars, changed the website color scheme, removed the pop-up for wallet login, and simplified the contract management system. Please try it here.
  • Homogeneous Cross-Chain Live on Testnet: aelf’s cross-chain bridge is under development and its homogeneous cross-chain function is now on Testnet.
  • Optimization of Web Wallet: aelf’s web wallet has thorough optimization of its texts so as to create a smoother user experience. Please try it here.





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