aelf Monthly Digest — August 2022

The monthly update of aelf — episode 2.



aelf is a high-performance layer-1 blockchain network built on cloud computing.

Dear aelf Community Members,

Welcome to the second episode of aelf Monthly Digest (August 2022). This report provides an overview of aelf’s development progress including tech and product updates, growth of the ecosystem, and events in the past month.

August is productive in terms of tech and product upgrades, with aelf Mainnet, explorer, NightELF wallet extension having different degrees of optimization. With respect to ecosystem growth, part of the hackathon projects have completed their deployment onto aelf’s Testnet and there are more to expect in the coming months.


  • aelf v1.2.1 Upgrade: aelf v1.2.1 has upgraded the naming policy of JSON response to UpperCamelCase (capitalizing the first letter of every key) and it is now consistent with earlier versions.
  • aelf Explorer v1.2.0 Upgrade: The latest version of explorer has split the navigation bars, changed the website color scheme, removed the pop-up for wallet login, and simplified the contract management system. Please try it here.
  • Homogeneous Cross-Chain Live on Testnet: aelf’s cross-chain bridge is under development and its homogeneous cross-chain function is now on Testnet.
  • Optimization of Web Wallet: aelf’s web wallet has thorough optimization of its texts so as to create a smoother user experience. Please try it here.


In August, aelf’s Testnet saw 5 more projects completing their deployment, and they are EWELL, AwakenSwap, NFT Forest, Energy8, and Willow.

As a growing number of hackathon projects are making steady progress towards full deployment, aelf has completed code reviews for some of them. Here we have selected 2 projects whose codes have been reviewed by the tech team. In future monthly digests, aelf will gradually bring the rest of these projects to the community.

EWELL is an IDO platform that caters to all projects and users meanwhile complimenting aelf ecosystem. It is a multifunction management tool for fundraising projects to customize their IDO settings. While for community users, EWELL provides them with the chance to engage with promising startups and be supporters of early-stage projects.

In their roadmap, EWELL has set the goals of completing the initial building of EWELL in phase one, and when it goes live it shall realize the basic functions of fundraising. In phase two, more creative modes or modules will be added (like recommendation, KYC, and audit) to enhance user experience. In the future, the team plans to hone the product and introduce more diversified IDO modes so as to further improve projects’ experience on EWELL.

aelf Testnet Faucet streamlines the procedure for developers to get Testnet ELF tokens before they start building on aelf. It calls the existing faucet smart contract provided by the aelf team, making it easy to use the NightELF browser extension. After connecting the wallet to this faucet and clicking “Get ELF from Faucet!”, developers can get 100 Testnet ELF.


aelf Mainnet, the very infrastructure that underpins all the functions and operations in aelf ecosystem, has been upgraded to v1.2.1. The latest version changes the naming convention back to UpperCamelCase so that the JSON response is now consistent with earlier versions.

Another grand optimization of the not insignificant tool, aelf explorer. In v1.2.0, the explorer has a well-organized navigation bar, an aesthetically pleasing color scheme, a user-friendly login requirement, and an all-encompassing contract management system.

Now that aelf explorer supports developers to deploy and update contracts within the system, a detailed walk-through of how to use these functions seems necessary. This tutorial aims to help those who want to build on aelf and facilitate their deployment.

aelf is a high-performance blockchain designed to support the development of Web3.0 and its explosion in the next 5 to 10 years. As a layer-1 network, aelf has incomparable processing speed which is even faster than most of the layer-2 projects. Built on cloud computing, aelf has a distributed network of nodes on various cloud data centers. Multiple tools like browser extensions, aelf blockchain explorer, wallet App, and SDKs have been built and open-sourced so that developers can easily build and contribute to aelf ecosystem.

With two hackathons successfully hosted and more stunning projects deployed onto the network, aelf is ready and well-equipped for the upcoming explosion. With the ambition set to drive the development of Web3.0 and promote the adoption of blockchain technology, aelf shall sustain long-term growth by consolidating the existing ecosystem and adding more interesting features at the same time. Expansion of aelf ecosystem is underway.

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