aelf Monthly Digest — December 2022

aelf is a high-performance layer-1 blockchain network built on cloud computing.

5 min readJan 5, 2023


Dear aelf Community Members,

Welcome to the 6th episode of aelf Monthly Digest (December 2022). This report provides an overview of aelf’s development progress including tech and product updates, growth of the ecosystem, and events in the past month.

As the last month of the year 2022, December is prosperous in every aspect. aelf started its upgrade to v1.2.2 and enhanced multiple features. The optimization of developer documentation has begun and it will be constantly pushed forward. With respect to ecosystem, the final prize-giving for the first two hackathons was held. Besides, the bounty program was kicked off and two bounties were posted on Gitcoin. The announcement of establishing aelf DAO was published and the news was reported by crypto media.


aelf’s Upgrade to v1.2.2: The upgrade to aelf v1.2.2 was carried out on December 27, 2022, and the major changes include:

  • 1. Share info about the node version
  • 2. Enable vote transfer
  • 3. Add threshold for transaction fee exemption
  • 4. Extend proposal expiration time
  • 5. Estimate transaction fee
  • 6. Delegate transaction fee payment

aelf Developer Documentation Update: aelf developer documentation provides developers with the handiest guide to aelf, from learning the basics of blockchain to building on the network. Both senior Web3 developers and those new to blockchains can obtain what they need. aelf will gradually optimize the structure and content of this documentation and the updated documentation will consist of Docs, Resource Center, and Community.

  • Docs help developers learn how to quickly set up the development environment and operate the development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of smart contracts and DApps within that environment.
  • Resource Center provides developer resources like APIs and SDKs, knowledge about the aelf ecosystem, and the introduction to DApps on aelf.
  • Community offers blockchain knowledge and relevant educational videos. Developers can leave their questions on GitHub and aelf team will handle them as soon as possible.


On December 15, 2022, aelf completed prize-giving for all the hackathon projects that fulfilled the criteria, marking a grand farewell to aelf’s first two hackathons. Below is the last project that passed the code review and was evaluated as qualified to receive its hackathon prize.

aelf Academy:

aelf Academy is a decentralized peer-to-peer learning platform that educates aelf developers. It calls for collaboration among multiple parties and encourages them to complete their own tasks. The learning process starts with course makers creating courses and quests, continues with developers studying them and completing the quests, and ends with moderators evaluating the developers’ learning results. With it, developing on aelf is not just simple but also fun.


Responding to the enthusiasm and support of aelf community, aelf launches the long-waited bounty program on Gitcoin where developers around the world are incentivized to complete the tasks and contribute. Currently, two bounties worth a total of $20,000 have been posted, Token Bridge: aelf Blockchain <-> EVM Chains and NFT Bridge: aelf Blockchain <-> EVM Chains, and we have selected from a bunch of applications the best ones to start building. The whole program will be open for months and new bounties will constantly be added. Developers interested in working with aelf can regularly check the bounty homepage for new updates.



The Mainnet token swap portal will keep running for another 3 months. Users can complete manual swap of ELF tokens from other networks to aelf Mainnet using this portal.

On December 15, aelf completed the prize-giving for all hackathon projects from Top pf Oasis and Legend X. While this is a conclusion of aelf’s first two hackathons, it also sets out new visions of the future development of aelf and unveils plans for various other events.

The upgrade to v1.2.2 focuses on the optimization of developer experience and user experience, enhancing multiple aspects including vote transfer, contract upgrade and deployment, transaction fee exemption, etc.

aelf in Media:

On December 27, aelf announced that aelf DAO was founded, transforming aelf’s governance structure and future ecosystem growth towards deeper decentralization. In an effort to onboard more developers and users, aelf DAO will support various programs and evolve itself into the launchpad of DAOs in the future.

The launch of aelf DAO caught the attention of crypto media soon after it was disclosed. Analyzing the structure and impact of this DAO, the report explains how aelf DAO will be at the core of aelf’s ecosystem expansion.

aelf is a high-performance blockchain designed to support the development of Web3 and its explosion in the next 5 to 10 years. As a layer-1 network, aelf has incomparable processing speed which is even faster than most of the layer-2 projects. Built on cloud computing, aelf has a distributed network of nodes on various cloud data centers. Multiple tools like browser extensions, aelf blockchain explorer, wallet App, and SDKs have been built and open-sourced so that developers can easily build and contribute to aelf ecosystem.

With two hackathons successfully hosted and more stunning projects deployed onto the network, aelf is ready and well-equipped for the upcoming explosion. With the ambition set to drive the development of Web3 and promote the adoption of blockchain technology, aelf shall sustain long-term growth by consolidating the existing ecosystem and adding more interesting features at the same time. Expansion of aelf ecosystem is underway.

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