aelf Monthly Digest — February 2023

aelf is a high-performance layer-1 blockchain network built on cloud computing.

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Dear aelf Community Members,

Welcome to the 8th episode of aelf Monthly Digest (February 2023). This report provides an overview of aelf’s development progress including tech and product updates, growth of the ecosystem, and events in the past month.

Following the upgrades of aelf network in January, aelf upgraded this month one of its key infrastructure products: aelf explorer, and kept the update of developer documentation going. The governance of aelf network is enhanced, with the total number of BPs increased to 19.


aelf Explorer Upgrades

aelf explorer carried out three upgrades in a row. In the latest v1.2.5, the layout and content on the homepage were optimized with the following additions and changes, displaying ELF real-time price alongside its 24-hour percentage change, displaying the latest block height, displaying the number of transactions in millions, and adding the data of TPS. Apart from the homepage, several subpages were adjusted. [Blocks], [Transactions], and various [Token] pages were more aggregated respectively with all the relevant data for users to check conveniently. Different tabs on the same page were given unique URLs and addresses on aelf blockchain were presented in the form of ELF_xxx_AELF/ ELF_xxx_tDVV, with their prefixes and suffixes added.

aelf Developer Documentation Update

The optimization of Developer Documentation is in full swing. The tutorial for aelf’s nodes to participate in governance and become block producers (BPs) has been updated. Please click here to read the instructions.


The total number of BPs in aelf network is set at 2N+1 where N starts from 8 in 2022 and increases by 1 each year. In February 2023, the additional 2 seats released have been filled, making aelf a network run by 19 BPs. You can check them out on aelf explorer.

BPs need to maintain the operation and integrity of the network and they have the responsibility for decision-making of aelf. Together with candidate nodes and voters, these 3 roles collaboratively enhance aelf network’s decentralization and security.


aelf Explorer v1.2.3 Released

The upgrade to v1.2.3 enables aelf explorer to display all the relevant data on each individual page, like [Blocks], [Transactions], and [Token] pages. Also, multiple tab pages were optimized, including contract code tabs.

Enhancing Governance and Adding 2 More BPs, aelf’s BP Number Reaches 19

According to aelf’s consensus mechanism, 2 BP seats will be released every year after the Mainnet goes live. In 2023, the total number of BPs reaches 19.

aelf is a high-performance blockchain designed to support the development of Web3 and its explosion in the next 5 to 10 years. As a layer-1 network, aelf has incomparable processing speed which is even faster than most of the layer-2 projects. Built on cloud computing, aelf has a distributed network of nodes on various cloud data centers. Multiple tools like browser extensions, aelf blockchain explorer, wallet App, and SDKs have been built and open-sourced so that developers can easily build and contribute to aelf ecosystem.

With two hackathons successfully hosted and more stunning projects deployed onto the network, aelf is ready and well-equipped for the upcoming explosion. With the ambition set to drive the development of Web3 and promote the adoption of blockchain technology, aelf shall sustain long-term growth by consolidating the existing ecosystem and adding more interesting features at the same time. Expansion of aelf ecosystem is underway.

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