aelf Monthly Digest — January 2023

aelf is a high-performance layer-1 blockchain network built on cloud computing.

4 min readFeb 7, 2023


Dear aelf Community Members,

Welcome to the 7th episode of aelf Monthly Digest (January 2023). This report provides an overview of aelf’s development progress including tech and product updates, growth of the ecosystem, and events in the past month.

As the first month of 2023, January completed upgrades of aelf network and kept pushing forward some long-term programs, like the optimization of the developer documentation. As for the ecosystem, a team applied for the bounties to build a cross-chain bridge for aelf and the project development started.


aelf Upgrade to v1.2.3

The upgrade to aelf v1.2.3 was carried out on January 20, 2023, and the “transaction fee exemption” feature was enabled.

aelf Developer Documentation Update

The optimization of Developer Documentation is in full swing. Currently, the guide for developers and users to configure development environments and set up nodes has been updated. In the optimized version, the tools needed for different types of devices and the instructions to download them are provided separately. Users can also set up the development environment in Codespaces. Besides, node deployment, both for a single node and multi-nodes, is made easier with the help of a step-by-step tutorial. Developers and users are welcome to browse through this section of the docs and start a quick interaction with aelf.


aelf’s bounty program on Gitcoin has attracted dozens of developers. The two bounties posted last month, Token Bridge: aelf Blockchain <-> EVM Chains and NFT Bridge: aelf Blockchain <-> EVM Chains, were assigned to a project called eBridge whose team has been constantly negotiating with aelf and updating their progress with us. The team revealed that eBridge is due to be launched in the coming months, and below is what aelf community can expect.

eBridge is a cross-chain bridge that supports heterogeneous cross-chain. The project realizes bidirectional token/NFT flows between aelf and other popular blockchains. Once fully deployed onto aelf Mainnet, it can help forge better connections among networks, including aelf and Ethereum, and make it easier as well as safer for users to manage assets on different chains.


aelf Upgraded to v1.2.3

As upgraded in aelf v1.2.3, 5 ELF worth of transaction fees can be exempted every 24 hours for accounts with balances of more than 100 ELF, provided that this account always holds more than 100 ELF within this time range.

aelf 2022 Round-up

The year 2022 witnessed many aelf’s remarkable achievements. Multiple events have been hosted and completed, including node election and hackathons, and major upgrades of the network and other projects have been carried out regularly, like aelf explorer, website, and wallets. The past year laid a solid foundation for aelf’s future development.

aelf is a high-performance blockchain designed to support the development of Web3 and its explosion in the next 5 to 10 years. As a layer-1 network, aelf has incomparable processing speed which is even faster than most of the layer-2 projects. Built on cloud computing, aelf has a distributed network of nodes on various cloud data centers. Multiple tools like browser extensions, aelf blockchain explorer, wallet App, and SDKs have been built and open-sourced so that developers can easily build and contribute to aelf ecosystem.

With two hackathons successfully hosted and more stunning projects deployed onto the network, aelf is ready and well-equipped for the upcoming explosion. With the ambition set to drive the development of Web3 and promote the adoption of blockchain technology, aelf shall sustain long-term growth by consolidating the existing ecosystem and adding more interesting features at the same time. Expansion of aelf ecosystem is underway.

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