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aelf Node Election Completed as ChianExplorers and CoinHuntingCommunity were Elected as Production Nodes

On January 13th, 2022 3:20 P. M. (GMT+8), Chain_Explorer (30,900 votes) and CoinHuntingCommunity (9,000 votes) were elected as production nodes. By press time, aelf mainnet is operated in stable condition with a height of 67,410,598.

By present, the total 17 seats of production nodes on aelf mainnet have been filled. We are pleased to have the industrial leading exchanges like Huobi and OKEx; we have strategic partners like FBG, RockX, bountyblok; and we have community representative aelfie. All the 17 production nodes have been devoted to block production and validation work on aelf mainnet.

In the past 2021, aelf has evolved dramatically. Specifically, we had our mainnet token swap, brand upgrade, technological upgrade, ecological expansion, and many more. In 2022, aelf will open two more seats for production nodes to continue promoting the value of mainnet ecology.

We sincerely welcome global community users, blockchain enthusiasts, ecological practitioners to join aelf ecological development. Together we are to draw a prosperous and stable blueprint for aelf ecology!

About ChainExplorers

A community of experienced developers based in North America with different work backgrounds exploring different blockchains.

About CoinHuntingCommunity

CoinHunting is a crypto community who is based in France. The community welcomes the free share of gem crypto projects that the community members could make profits from.



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