aelf Progress Report (Apr 2rd — Apr 15th)

Main Chain

1.Data providers test coverage

Implemented some basic tests to cover the data providers functionality.

2.Transaction pool implementation

Wrote a basic transaction pool for receiving transactions and pooling them before they are executed.

3.Cryptographic signatures

Implemented functionality for signing transactions and blocks.

4.Block and transaction validation

Some validation functionality mainly on the structure and some basic properties.

5.Improved tests for the storage components

Certain tests needed to be consolidated and some extra ones written to cover more functionality.

Asset Chain

1.Fix Asset Chain Browser bugs

2.The Asset Chain Browser online(

3.Test work for Asset chain sdk and fix bugs

Candy System

New features:

1. Accomplished the preceding tasks to ensure that aelfie mining is carried out as scheduled

2. Increase support for Arabic

System optimization:

1. Task system optimization and reconstruction of the storage to improve the quality of service.

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