aelf Quarterly Development Progress Update: Side Chain Completion

Progress is Going Well

Dear aelf community,

As of September 2018, the aelf side chain development has been completed.

After the launch of our testnet, we have been implementing iterative updates to the functions according to our road-map. As of today, the side chain development has been completed, and the functional delivery of the three-month phase of our roadmap has been finalized. Before our main net launch, we will also implement cross-chain interaction and complete the network economic system and peripheral tools.

What is the aelf side chain?

aelf has always focused on defining and delivering the most basic and critical system components. In view of the existing technical pain points of blockchain projects in general, aelf adopts a main chain + side chain expansion structure, and multiple side chains can be mounted on the main chain. Side chains are independent from each other, and one side chain supports one DApp/contract. Side chains have total data integration with the main chain.

The main chain + side chain architecture adopted by aelf mainly solves the problem of resource segregation; that is, different applications have different requirements on resources and performance. As such, their operation in separate spaces is the optimal asset allocation of system resources.

The completion of the development of the aelf side chain marks that aelf’s technology development has entered a new stage, which is also an important update node for the transition to the main network.

aelf side chain implementation

· Realize the creation of side chains

· Implement indexing of cross-chain data (in case of joint mining)

At the same time, we provide developers with examples of operations for community reference. These include:

· Cross-chain data validation examples

As a participating user, you can:

· View the complete side chain testing process (including cross-chain communication, cross-chain indexing, etc.) based on the demo video we provide

· According to the example link we provided, you can complete the creation of the side chain in the local environment and verify the side chain function in person.

More developer documentation will be added to the GitHub Wiki.

GitHub link:

Before the official launch of the aelf main net in 2019, we will continue to carry out monthly iterations and three-month functional delivery updates. We will also continue to develop the network economy system, peripheral tools, and improve the developer system. For the first-hand updates on our project, please keep an eye on the content update of the aelf community via twitter or our telegram community.