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aelf Roadmap: Technology Upgrade and Ecosystem Expansion

aelf adjusts our roadmap, focusing on ecosystem growth and tech upgrade

Since the beginning of our mainnet token swap on September 9, 2021, aelf has embarked on its ecosystem expansion. As of June 21, 2022, aelf has successfully launched various events, including the mainnet token swap, node election, and two hackathons. Over the course, aelf has attracted brilliant developers all over the world, cooperated with leading figures in their industries, and gathered a group of faithful blockchain devotees as our user base, all of which drove the growth of aelf’s ecosystem.

Following the host of two themed hackathons, the construction of aelf’s ecosystem has entered an acceleration phase where abundant DApps will be deployed. Catering to the need, aelf team is consistently optimizing our products and upgrading our technology, and everything is done for the ultimate purpose of building a versatile ecosystem that functions as a bridge to the Web 3.0 world.

To speed up the process, aelf team has adjusted our roadmap for Q3 2022 — Q2 2023 in accordance with the R&D goal and current progress, switching our focuses to the development and upgrade of technology. In this stage, we will be fully committed to the incubation of some phenomenal DApps, optimizing developer experience, and satisfying the diverse needs of our users.

2022 Q3

aelf Blockchain Event Listener

Per aelf’s blockchain event listener, the completion of each transaction will trigger a corresponding event to be captured and handled by the DApp on its back-end. The event listener is such an event monitoring tool and handler framework without which DApps cannot be developed.

2022 Q4

Token Cross-Chain

A cross-chain bridge enables two-way token transfers between the aelf chain and EVM compatible blockchains and facilitates transactions between aelf’s mainchain and sidechains. This bridge will have its own site for users’ convenience.

2023 Q1

NFT Cross-Chain

In addition to the token cross-chain function to be released in Q4 2022, an NFT cross-chain bridge will be built to enable the transfer of EVM compatible NFTs to aelf. Cross-chain for NFTs supports users to transfer their NFTs throughout various games or scenarios, making the asset more liquid can convenient to use.

2023 Q2

Upgrade Developer Toolkit

The developer toolkit is a set of tools and frameworks for learning, developing, testing, and configuring, the goal of which is to optimize DApp developers’ experience on aelf.

Upon the release of this roadmap, aelf is well prepared to stick to our plan, strengthening our key benefits to build a fast, secure, reliable, and user-friendly blockchain network. We will continue to advance our technology and expand our services so as to make the great blockchain solution accessible to everyone around the world.



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