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aelf Slogan Contest is now open!

In the past two years, aelf has been committed to building a decentralized cross-chain platform by providing feasible cross-chain solutions. Based on the concept of “One Chain, One Scenario”, aelf’s cross-chain mechanism can realize cross-chain data communication efficiently and safely. Moreover, it can achieve the effective isolation of resources between chains. The BP nodes in the main chain provide indexing services to ensure decentralization. Low index data load guarantees cross-chain efficiency. Only irreversible blocks can be indexed by other chains, which ensures cross-chain security. And the classic Merkle Proof method ensures the efficiency of cross-chain verification.

As a leading blockchain 3.0 project, aelf welcomes all community members to build the aelf ecosystem together. We are grateful for your support and understanding. The success of aelf, we believe, requires sustained efforts and support from our community. Each and every one of you is of great importance to us. We hope that you can play a more active role and bring more people to our ecosystem. Here comes another one of our community initiatives — the aelf Slogan Contest. Users who participate in the contest will have the opportunity to share a prize pool of 500 ELF!

The slogan must be able to show aelf’s features and strengths while also being concise, catchy and straightforward.

Event Time

20:00, September 29, 2020 — 20:00, October 13, 2020 (SGT)


  • How to Submit: Users need to fill in the form before the deadline to submit slogan. You may submit as many entries as you like, but please submit them separately. Sign Up for Slogan Contest:
  • Length of slogan: within 50 English words
  • Selection of winners: After the evaluation by the aelf team, a total of 15 winners will be selected from all submitted slogans for reward.
  • The aelf team may choose to not use, or delay the use, of the winning slogans.
  • aelf will own the right to use, modify, and distribute any submissions to this contest.



  • Slogan must be relevant to the blockchain industry and fewer than 50 words.
  • Slogan must be creative and match aelf’s vision.

Note: Users participating in the event should fill in the form and submit your slogans. After the winners are selected, the aelf team will send the reward to the winners within 7 workdays.

Sign Up for Slogan Contest:

A total of 500 ELF are up for grabs. Sign up now and show your creativity!

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