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aelf — the Linux of Blockchain

Create your own Blockchain App — Fully Customized and Scalable

Have you ever used a program on the computer and just wished you could add a feature or a shortcut exactly how you think it should be added? Or maybe your workplace/business has a service which fits most of your needs, but it is clear that it wasn’t tailor made specifically for you?

I know I’ve had that frustration many times in every single industry I’ve worked in. I have often wished to have services and products tailored for my needs. We’re bound to use a service that was designed from an audience perspective but not from an individual one. Someone else designed for someone else’s business for someone else’s clients and you have just been allowed to ‘use’ it. No matter how similar your business or use is compared to the original user; it will never be a perfect fit.

The scenario described above is just as big a problem within blockchain apps. Currently you can use an app developed for someone else or as a developer you can write your own dApp. But this app will run on one blockchain, with many other dApps also designed for sorts of purposes. This one blockchain is good for all, perfect for none. It gets clogged up, slowing down transactions and limiting the overall speed of all dApps on the network. This mass freeway of a myriad of dApps will soon become a mass crawl of uncustomizable and bottlenecked dApps.

And then I found aelf. A first of its kind.

aelf is solving multiple problems with the current blockchain technology. One of these problems is this customizable and scalable hurdle I have just described. Ok, but how?

aelf is creating a blockchain network which will run as the main chain which can be compared to an operating system for a computer. But instead of many apps running on this one main chain, as a developer or business you can design your own dApp and run it on its own blockchain which runs as a side chain off the main chain. You can have your own fully designed blockchain created for your specific purpose, you choose how public or private you want it, you choose the consensus protocol it will run on, you even choose how to update it. Just because it is the sole dApp running on the specific sidechain, you can update it anytime you need and you have absolute control over the whole system.

Through the use of side chains, Smart Contracts setup for a particular dApp will be protected from unnecessary mutual interference. Each side chain is fully independent and although they can interact with other apps, the blockchain will only need to focus on one type of Smart Contract.

But it only gets better from here. Let’s say you are creating an app which allows users to share images online. They can categorize them and link them together and create a portfolio. Then one day you find another dApp out there running a social media platform similar to twitter. If both these dApps are running on the aelf main chain then the main chain will mediate integration between the two side chains to allow them to interact. When one of your users load a new photo to their portfolio, the network will automatically share it through the twitter like dApp. But here comes the best part. They don’t even need to both be running on the main chain. Morever, aelf mainchain can incorporate any other blockchain.

The main chain, which runs DPoS will have delegated mining nodes capable of protecting the whole system as well as ensuring each side chain falls under the umbrella of their security. Due to this consensus model being run on the mainchain, each additional sidechain will not only benefit from the mainchain but in return, they will increase the efficiency of the delegated nodes securing the mainchain.

By abandoning the One-Chain-Fits-All approach, aelf has managed to develop a revolutionary way of running dApps on blockchain. By creating a public main chain which can run side chains, aelf has created the perfect solution for a customizable, scalable and perfectly niche application platform for all industries and users.

Mappo has been investing and trading in fiat currencies since 2013. He has recently moved into the crypto world spreading his portfolio over long term coin investments, ICOs and day trading.

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ælf, the next breakthrough in Blockchain.